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Hello! I'll try to make this interesting.

At a glance: I don't do personal details. I tend to be a little slow and a little dense at times, so please have patience with me. For time purposes, I'm in the Mountain Time Zone. I am generally online during the weekdays, but not much during the weekends. I enjoy chatting OOC, but it's not a requirement or anything. I don't do Discord, mostly because I never remember to actually check it. I have no issue with adjusting characters slightly to fit into an RP idea. I strongly prefer forums - either public or private - over private messages for the actual role-play.

Post length: I think all post lengths have their place from one-liners for a fast-paced conversation to novels for epic scenes, but I prefer if there's a nice variety of lengths. My personal sweet spot is around two-three paragraphs. Constant novel-length posts wear me out. I won't say no, but I won't reply as consistently due to time and energy constraints.

Is there a style: I strongly prefer the third person. I'm willing to give just about anything a try. I prefer to stick with lighter plots, but I'm willing to try out the occasional heavier one. I'm not much into fandoms, but I'm willing to try provided it's nothing cannon. I'm a bit of a sucker for the "fish out of water" cliché and strange friendships, and I really like slice-of-life type RPs where unusual characters are stuck together for random reasons (like a supernatural creature and a human, two humans of the opposite gender when they expected the same gender, two supernatural types that don't get along, villain and hero...). I also really enjoy friendship stories of pretty much any kind. Romance isn't a big draw for me, but it can also be a lot of fun. I like playing around with silly stereotypes and clichés a lot. I most enjoy open-ended RPs that can just go on and on and ramble, but am very much not opposed to an RP with a planned ending.

That's basically it. Oh, if you don't see a character you like for a specific idea, never fear, I am happy to make one that'll fit if I like the idea!

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