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Hello, person who stumbled onto my profile.
My name is Bookworm, previously LittleHunter. I normally go by K, or Kat by close friends. My roleplay experience has been going onto 5 years now. I write in paragraphs, and will not post unless I manage a five paragraphs limit - being that I usually write with six to seven. My flaw is that I tend to be a perfectionist, so I pay close attention to detail if possible.

Let me see... My favored genres are mostly historical, high to low fantasy, grimdark, and modern fantasy. I love D&D, this site led me to the game. I prefer one on one stories, being that any groups I join seem to fall apart. I posses a sort of dark humor and outlook on life. It reflects in my writing, for I love to be realistic.

As you can tell by my username - I LOVE reading. A professed bibliophilia. There is not a moment in my day where I have a book close to me. My goal in life is to become a Librarian. Other than literature, I adore history. My mind is focused more on the past rather than the future really. What I would give to have the ability to time travel! What a fantasy I constantly live in it seems.

The reason why I joined this site is a bit complicated to explain. I first started on this site to find an escape from my own mind. Yes. My own head. Maladaptive daydreaming, also known as excessive daydreaming - a disordered form of dissociative absorption associated with vivid and excessive fantasy activity that often involves elaborate and fanciful scenarios. It was enough to bring anxiety whenever I had to interact with the real world. My own escape, my own sanctuary with a price. It is a fear of mine that I may lose that barrier between reality and fantasy one day. I may be reading in the morning at one point, only to find the day is nearly over all because I 'zoned out'.

A friend of mine suggested I go into roleplaying to help. Hard to do that when you are an extreme introvert with trust issues. That was when I found RPR. It was slow at first, but gradually I found myself getting into a pattern of writing with others. And now, my excessive daydreaming is helping me write. I even found a very special person on RP Repository that helped me come out of my shell. We have been together for maybe as long as I have been on this site.

The reason why I bring up my little 'addiction', is because it has gotten me into trouble a few times in my life. When a sudden boost of inspiration hits or if a partner gives me a wonderful post, I tend to retreat into my head. Because of this... I have a habit to disappear briefly.

I digress. For the longest time I have only written with one person but now that he has moved closer to me so I may be on less than I usually did. I am grateful to have joined this community, for it has brought me an alternative way of dealing with my anxiety and a new escape that is outside of my daydreaming. But most of all - RPR has given me someone who I never thought existed and brought color to my once grey world.

If you wish to join me in writing, do send me a PM. I must admit firstly, I am a bit shy and a little picky in my writing choices. But once you crack my shell, I am a warm and loyal writer.


Character Focus - Ithlinne

Currently Listening To - Celtic Woman: Téir abhaile 'riú

Currently Reading - A Treasury of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales


Rave Reviews

I had the privilege of meeting one of Bookworm's characters in a Trick or Treat thread earlier this year. It was a treat indeed to read her well-written posts and get a short glimpse into her character, Priscilla. Someday, I'd love another chance to RP with Bookworm! :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Juls
Mallory (played by Bookworm)
Mallory is a dark, strange and unusual character that brings great satisfaction. This woman is a spooky specter among humankind and an old soul out of place and time. Her unusual quirks bring a shadowy delight to RP of various kinds; be it a dance, a conversation or adventure. Sickly and dainty as she looks, she is unnaturally strong and feisty. She leaves you questioning if she is good or evil between her politeness and grim actions. Have you opportunity to walk in the shadows with her, do so. Wonderful writer Long posts - Mipps

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