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Hi there! My name is Patti and I'm an unapologetic roleplay addict. You should RP with me! I have been RPing since I was twelve years old and I first discovered Furcadia in early 1997.
"I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar."
I will always love you, my little Wash.
You left a hole in my heart no one else can fill.

Main characters:
Aurora Thibault
Aurora is a glamoured red panda vampiress, distinguished wife of Lanier Thibault the esteemed Captain of the airship The Sunbird. Devoted Medic* within The Golden Tether, resident snark monster and overall bad person. She is not without her redeeming qualities, for she is fiercely loyal to her husband, her friends, and the only home she's ever known. Despite the rumors, Aurora is not heartless and does have a propensity towards acts of kindness and empathy, especially to the wounded.

Exceedingly smug, her downfall is that she is particularly self serving, territorial, selfish and downright aggressive more times than she is not. Elitist to her core, she finds most people below her and it can be particularly difficult to befriend the pompous woman. Who she is in the public eye is very different than who she is at ease.

Not all looks are deceiving.
All I've ever wanted was everything.


Lucian Durand
Lucian is the proud First Chief of The Sunbird. Falling from fame and glory, the ex-boxer turned to working upon sea vessels just to make a living. High turnover rates of crewmen and mercenaries, he took a shot in the sky and signed up as a crewman for The Sunbird. Working his way through the ranks, he inevitably fell among them as the First Chief. Fiercely loyal to his Captain, Ship & Crew, it translates directly to his biggest flaw: Pride. With an ego that is easily bruised and erupts spectacularly, Lucian is not a man to anger. Despite losing one of his arms, he is still just as quick to anger as he was when he was a whole man, and he's more than happy to put you in your place if you dare to insult his pride and joy.

Often described as 'having a stick shoved up his backside', Lucian will be the first to raise his hand for a playful brawl on the beach and he'll happily drink you under the table. Graced with a boisterous, infectious laugh and a boyish grin that could charm even the coldest souls, the weasel isn't all work, he's far from a dull boy.

Our sun sets to rise again.


I RP over Furcadia almost exclusively. If you haven't joined us in client, you should! We love fresh faces.

*Please note: I am not an actual doctor.

I am proud to co-run this group with that incredible woman, and my very dearest friend in the world.

No justice, no peace.
I can't breathe.

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Rave Reviews

Aurora (played by BrandyCat)
From the woman that Bayan first met, to the woman Aurora is today has drastically changed as has their relationship. Yet, the story line and development of her has been astounding. Having to overcome quite a few obstacles to her own happiness, to the rank of medical in a world where 'magical' healing is normal. She adds a unique flavor to any roleplay, and the layers of her onions are worth peeling slowly apart. - TheCoffeeWolf
Only 500 characters, have mercy. This woman is simply put fantastically amazing. Not only in the way she brings uniqueness to her characters, facing realistic reactions to the babbens, but just generally developing and growing the character in their own plotline is amazing. The ladyface herself has ever been a wonderful steadfast and loyal friend, going through some rough situations, and coming out on the end stronger for it, has it been a ride. I cannot express how much you need to know her. - TheCoffeeWolf

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