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About Broken_Image36
Age: 20
Birthday: Dec 23
Interest in Roleplaying: Romance and Horror, or sometimes other roleplays if there is a request from anyone. I kinda take roleplay a little serious as in, I have rules and like people to fallow them because I don't want to lose friends, because I love making friends!!

1) No text talk. Write everything out and if you feel lazy and don't want to, then don't write back until you have the energy to write everything out like how you should.
2) No one liner
3) If you ask to roleplay, then you start it out, if I ask, then I'll start it out
4) If your roleplaying with me, please make it interesting and have some details in it too.
5) No sex rps only
6) No rp fighting only
7) No God modeling as in, no controlling my roleplays and acting like your character is immortal! (unless it is, then okay) Thank YOU!

Rave Reviews

Her writing seems intuitive and fluid. Meaning her stories make sense and flow together real well. Well-developed characters are easy to visualize. And she's a really nice person! - Pantrane
One of my favorite people to write with, her character seemed alive.. Pensive. Emotional. Hopefully one day she'll return. If you get the chance, write with her. Great character builder. - Pantrane

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