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Friendly first-generation college student.
Illustrator; graphite, charcoal, ink, graphic.
Nigerian dwarf goat, cat-bun, and other things.
Neurotic, ADHD-combined.
Engaged to a very grumpy kitty.
Gaining positive momentum.
Avid democrat, animal-lover, news-watcher.
Not open for commission.

Lions, goats, sharks, and stags.
Oil painter; landscapes, portraits, stills, mythology.
Vegetarian and veteran Furcadian.
Efficient captioner for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.
Sandshark Arts.

Yells at politicians, the sky, television, bad drivers.
Ouster of bullshitters.
Unwaveringly efficient.

Give me all your RP; all your hugs and kisses too.

Rave Reviews

Allow me a more recent update in providing a Kudos. Some time has gone by since we last spoke but slowly and surely I am beginning to see her become more active. With this in mind I am looking forward to the opportunity to roleplay once more with Brutal. The characters are so in-depth that you actually want to figure out each and every detail and swim in their glory. I hope we can start something new soon <3 - Lyssic
Brutal, one word really. Strong. I have never had the pleasure of knowing someone quite like Brutal. A friend throughout the ages, no matter what. - Lyssic

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