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Friendly first-generation college student.
Illustrator; graphite, charcoal, ink, graphic.
Nigerian dwarf goat, cat-bun, and other things.
Neurotic, ADHD-combined.
Engaged to a very grumpy kitty.
Gaining positive momentum.
Avid democrat, animal-lover, news-watcher.
Not open for commission.

Lions, goats, sharks, and stags.
Oil painter; landscapes, portraits, stills, mythology.
Vegetarian and veteran Furcadian.
Efficient captioner for the deaf/hard-of-hearing.
Sandshark Arts.

Yells at politicians, the sky, television, bad drivers.
Ouster of bullshitters.
Unwaveringly efficient.

Give me all your RP; all your hugs and kisses too.

Rave Reviews

My friendship with the Brute is one that I feel has been a long time coming. We've known OF each other for a long time, but we've only, truly recently been able to get to know each other. Regardless of time-frames and trajectories, I'm so glad to have this opportunity to know a wonderfully vivacious roleplayer and a truly compassionate and funny friend. Thanks for being in my life, man. <3 - unlikelynominee
Finn and I go way, way back. He and I have been buds for the majority of the last two decades and he is honestly one of my favorite people. I've watched him grow into an extremely talented artist, develop deep and intriguing character concepts and written with him countless times. He's the sort of person to lend an ear when you need it, and a laugh when you're feeling down. And his RP? Excellent, and so varied from character to character. He really dives into those roles. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - skaikrasha

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