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Well, hi!

I'm S h a w n !

Rᴀʜ ᴏғ Fᴏʀᴛ Cʜᴇʏᴇɴɴᴇ
Aʀᴛ Eɴᴛʜᴜsɪᴀsᴛ

Though I'm known as Shan to my baes, Gyp/Gypsy to my commissionees, Shawnda to people who wanna test my patience, and, of course, by the names of my host of IC brain children.

" Shawn. Shawn. Shawn. SHAWN. "




â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡

" when worse comes to worse
my squad comes first

#S Q U A D G O A L S O R N A H
(yes these are goals met <3)

â° JazLouSteffTif â±
& this forever wife because old habits & legit girlfriends are hard to break.
And I'm addicted to your plots & pretties.

â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡

I am . . .
  • A regular, degular, smegular broad from the West Coast ;
  • Just tryna' live my life and play in the pixels ;
  • A long-time (16 year?) Furcadian, so I know my way around ;
  • Not here for the dramz, please keep it to yourself.
  • A California native now living in the little paradise/pit-of-firey-scorpion-hellish-awesome that is Arizona
  • A mom! I have myself two little people I made myself
  • Married af to a big ol', grumpy Italian man who liked it and, thusly, put a ring on it.
  • A FRICKIN' clown ; I've learned not to take this game or most things that go on around it seriously.
  • Not for the faint of heart; I'm perfectly nice, until I'm not. Long as you don't blur the lines as to which I should be, we'll be just fine!
  • I'mma dork! Or maybe a geek? .. I don't know my life. o_o
I am also a swamp creature.


â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡

â° dA Skype boobs & butts â±

â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡ ♦️ â—‡


Oᴋᴀʏ! GET OUT NOW. Gᴏsʜ.

(nosy ass...)


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Shawn is a gorgeous, talented writer and always a delight to roleplay with. My stomach does a happy little flip whenever she logs in. Creative and verbose and a total doll. - Fortune
Shawn is an amazing person to say the least. I have not known her as long as others but I. An say. Character wise she's overly creative and has a stunning producing breath taking characters. As a person.... phee *fans self* she's one hawt momma...and can be my chocolate any day! (Lawl) - Cathrine

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