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Depression is a witch, medication is trial-and-error, and I need way more spoons than I currently have.
But I'm pressing on, finding joy in the little things, and I love all of you beautiful, wonderful people.

I do my very best to show love in all that I do. Your life may be different than mine, your opinions may be different than mine, but I want to show love no matter what, and focus on the similarities, not the differences.

I stand for what I believe in. Christ, human rights for everyone, and peace.

As far as RP, I have characters here, but if you have an idea and my characters don't fit it, please talk to me! I'm more than happy to create characters to RP with people :)


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Rave Reviews

I have no idea how she manages to juggle so many RPs at one time, but somehow, she does it. When she says she is always up for more RP, she really means it. If you're new to the site and looking to play a scene to get used to our system, Celestina will always be there for you. Plus, she writes me the cutest poems that just melt my heart and make me want to program like the wind. - Kim
Celestia is one of the first people I met on here and while I do miss Kal, she has a great selection of characters and seems to be very dedicated to each and every rp she does. Her vast amount of personalities found in her Oc's is very admirable. I had fun rping with her! - InquisitorCat

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