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Anokhi Harika

Female An exotic desert beauty and a slave with a secret of mysticism

Antiopeia Escarra

Cisgender Female A controlled hunter, a wild hunter, a deadly hunter

Apheris Tel'van

Female A super-natural human princess, lost in a world that she has never explored.

Artemis Eloaine

Cisgender Female A doe turned humanoid, trying to maneuver life

Artemis Vorigan

Female A snarky vampire with quite the attitude

Brynhildur Heklana

Female An icelandic nomadic warrior

Corin Crain

A freedom-loving pirate


Gender Questioning An effeminate elf simply trying to be 'man' enough in today's society.

Karra Lasendar

Female A shy, scared slave girl in search of a kind master

Kisa Grimoire


Logan DuBois

Male A Canadian Soldier Turned Lumberjack

Lyra Muriel

Female An elf healer with a sweet disposition


Female A playful Naiad

Mimi Latrouve

Female A pretty sheep girl with a playful side.

Mylea Parson


Naeris Kol

Female A half-drow princess who finds life outside of the palace thrilling

Nero Elafisson

Male As refreshing as a cool spring rain

Tobias Taluto

Male A draconic creature with more than one personality

Tressa Piaren


Various Characters

Unknown Each page contains info about a different character


Female A shy half-blood vampire girl with the knack for getting into unwatned mischeif