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Mac || She/They || DeviantArt || 18+ OOC & IC


☀ i work full time as a dog groomer so days are long for me sometimes and i don't always get on the computer because i'm exhausted, please be understanding! ♡
☀ if you're looking for a book recommendation, check out the Death Gate Cycle by Tracy Hickmann and Margaret Weiss!

☀☀ discord @ mr frankie#8799 ☀☀
☀☀ @ batbutt#11975 ☀☀
you can catch me playing WoW and WC3 often

💜 💜

rest in peace Bjorn, i'll love you always
2012 - 2016


Rave Reviews

Mac??? More like Mac n' cheese am I right but actually Mac's RP is so entertaining and she is one of the nicest, kindest, funniest friends that I have. I've given her kudos before but honestly there is NEVER enough kudos for her. You should def look into rpin with her, and if not drop her a line bc shes such a GOOD PERSON !! !!11!!! - Rot
I LOVE THIS LITTLE PRECIOUS PERSON HERE SO MUCH ALREADY. and you all should too. they rp so well and are so enjoyable and fun to talk to ic and ooc as well. they make amazing characters and are super fun to plot with. like honestly the best right here!!! - corgi

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