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Mac || they/she/him || DeviantArt || 18+ OOC & IC
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rest in peace Bjorn, i'll love you always
2012 - 2016


Rave Reviews

Cryptal is a very sweet and fun person who I enjoyed getting to know! I stand by that their art is gorgeous, their personality fun, and their characters so full of life! They certainly are an asset to RPR! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Kruhee
Cryptal is such a sweet and kind person I have loved to get to know over the past few months. Their art is gorgeous, their ideas are brilliant, and overall they are a delight. I can't overstate how wonderful they are inside and out, and how talented they are to boot! I've been blown away time and time again by the images they have posted and can't wait to see more creations in the future! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Kruhee

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