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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 35

Hail traveler,

Welcome to my little section of the world. I am a veteran role player. I have come and gone across multiple role play sites and have now settled on RPR as my current home. I enjoy a wide variety of genres and will dabble in any that catches my interest. With that said science fiction is my all time favorite, I love anything that involves spaceships and other worlds.

As a writer I prefer the 3rd person perspective. I typically write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs, sometimes longer. Response times vary, and can range from every other day to a couple times a week.

Favored Universes

Warhammer 40,000
Star Wars

Fenrys Hjolda!

Rave Reviews

  • To put things short; Phenomenal, excellent, charismatic, and an unstoppable writer. His development for characters is unbelievable while staying entirely realistic. It's so much fun to write with him, and I love just getting to read over his characters as he fleshes...
    -- Hadeslicious
  • Just the greatest guy. Honestly. Between our RP and our OOC, he's a wonderful. Cryo's attention to detail, focus on character relationships, and beautiful writing is a blessing. He's a wonderful, understanding individual who I have been lucky to have as an RP partner! You're the best, ya big lug! <3
    -- honeyandthemoon

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