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Yo, I'm DJ Elfin and I'm back, hahahaaaa.....

I'm an artist, I write songs sometimes, and I really like sugar. I also have a bunch of characters I'm constantly improving and trying to build upon. Criticism and critique are welcome!

When it comes to RPs, I prefer third-person paragraph style, but I'm also very open to script roleplays. There are also a couple characters I would be willing to use in the first-person. Keep in mind that I have school and I might not be able to reply immediately.

Thanks for putting up with me!

On a side note I should probably update a lot of my character art. It's... not great.

Rave Reviews

Okay, let me get started by saying that Liv is one of the best people I know. She has a wonderful personality, and she never fails to give good advice when it's needed the most!! Liv's RP'ing skills are outstanding. Like, they're so so good. All of her characters are so lovable, they're really in-depth with such detailed backgrounds. They make me want to shed a tear of happiness. And BRUH, have you seen her art?!?! It's literally incredible. *drops the mic* Luna out. - oLuna

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