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Hi there!
Welcome to my profile!
I´ve been on this site since around 2015 as you can see by my Trick-or-treat-badge :)
Some days I´m a bit more active than others, because of a lot of things. Busy-ness and forgetfulness and life. I used to rp on a different site, but now I´m here.

I roleplay different genres, but mostly fantasy. My favorite genre to read is also fantasy (fun fact). That being said I am willing to roleplay in other genres if the plot is interesting enough and I have a character that can fit into the story somehow (maybe not in the way you expect).

I try to write fairly-long paragraphs and keep things going, so the rp doesn´t just die out (which isn´t easy because I can´t control the activeness of other players ^^´)

Some of my most-played characters include (in no particular order):
Cheshire ´Chessy´ Hunter
Chimera Auxiliadora
Vita Angelica Aurora De Luca

If you have any questions or you want to rp, feel free to message me.

Have fun exploring this site and the adventures of roleplaying :D

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This roleplayer is a great writer who is always giving other players something to react to as they craft their own writing. They are very sweet and kind, this paired with how their characters liven up a roleplay makes them awesome to rp with! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - JustaBitEvil

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