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Degu is a ridiculously motivated human, and I've been lucky and grateful to witness and grow with them with every passing year in which we're creating together. Whether they're writing, designing and assembling role-playing spaces, or whipping up art pieces, they're always working to improve and entertain in everything they do. And it's GOOD, JUICY STUFF, always - every character is lovingly assembled, every scene is meaty, tasty, fulfilling stuff, and every piece is a feast for the eyeballs! Creative ideas Long-term partner - Rigby
Kingfisher (played by Degu)
It is a sin I haven't left this ridiculous creature kudos in the past, for Kingfisher remains one of the most brilliant and beloved of gryphons I have ever encountered in design alone. Yet it comes with an absolutely charming presentation to accompany those good looks, leaving us with what could possibly be the single best companion animal of all time. I do hope to see it back in roleplay someday, as they're just far too entertaining to ever forget about. - Tar

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