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Having a variety of different hobbies, In short, I'm just your casual artist, gamer, and roleplayer. I'm a newcomer to this site so I apologize in advance if any information is misplaced or unusual.

My availability will majorly depend on afterschool hours or late nights on the weekends. On note, my time period is EST.

My character(s) are in development and any images I use as references are not any content I created and their credit goes to their rightful owners. However, I do have the intention to make original art for my character and possibly illustrate scenes from future roleplays which I excitingly look forward to.

In addition to roleplay information, I'm open to a big variety of genres and willing to try new ideas. Though, I'm limited to the kind of character I'm developing. As of for now, my only character is "Rayne Asher". Her design is suited for fantasy, adventurous, and medieval styled roleplays. Romance and erotic elements are welcomed and any new on the spot characters can be made.

My style is third person. Long para and rich in detail. Literate, and I ask you to be the same. But everyone makes mistakes, so don't sweat it. ^^"

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OOC and guidelines: Off roleplay, you can address me as Demy, Myth - or whatever suits you best. I'm very laid back and sociable, so don't be shy to chat.
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Eliteeric, Sasha_Bliss, Jan_the_Cat, TroyLocke, Cyrotronix, Lanx12

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Discord: Demythical#2805
Xbox One: Demythical
Mixer: Demythical
Deviantart: Pandasweets156

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Demy is that special mind of role player. Someone you really have to get a story going with. She is amazing and works with you to keep the story fresh and amazing. Honestly I want to keep roleplaying with this gal for awhile. She is well worth the time y’all. - Lanx12
Demythical is by far one of the best roleplayers I have come across. And I've been roleplaying for about eight years.
She has detail for the details, action that could fuel your hunger, adventure that'll make you throw away the book you're reading. (Or recycle it, I don't know.)
She's basically an amazing roleplayer in every way. If you aren't roleplaying with her... Well, what're you waiting for? - Eliteeric

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