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About Me: I am an ENFP, curious, sneaky and imperfect. When I like something, I get rather intense about it. I am interested in Jung, psychology, sidereal astrology, ancient runes (Elder Futhark), alchemy, history of religious beliefs, quantum mechanics, philosophy of magic, and soul growth. I have my own theories about this stuff, but I am keen to learn about all beliefs and cultures. I love all forms of art.

Preferences: I am writing fantasy, 2-5 para. with lots of character development. I enjoy OOC plotting. Due to IRL and other commitments, the frequency of posts can vary from a few times a day (rare) to once a week (normal) or even slower (writer's block happens).

Current Status: Busy IRL and mostly writing in Tam'nýer—a', where I am a moderator and lore maker. All the characters that you see linked to my profile belong to this world and I am always interested to write more with them. I am currently updating them with LFRPs.

Desert Race Event: I know things are generally quiet right now, with many people lacking inspiration or time. However, if you'd like some easy way to dip your toes into Tam'nýer—a' we designed a Desert Race Event (yes, like in Star Wars, only without technology! :D) which allows specifically for this, and is playable on the general RPR Fantasy Forum. Click below to start.


Rave Reviews

I really do need to give this astounding woman another kudos. Out of nowhere, because she seems to be lurking behind all the corners near me, Dorian is always checking in, offering to help (in any way possible!), and being an absolute wonderful member of our Tam'nýer—a' community. Always ready to plot and write (man, she's thirsty for it) - you can and you should hit up Dorian for an engaging story. - Demilicious
I've yet to rp with Dorian (though I cannot WAIT to do so) but of course I've sneaked looks at her other role-playing threads and pored over her character profiles and she's clearly a magical writer and creator. Who could help but be enchanted? I can also attest to Dorian being a lovely person to talk to OOC, happy to answer even the dumbest of questions and collaborate and plot, not to mention talk Harry Potter and rec fanfic! Very very happy to have met her <3 Helpful Creative ideas - dizzyspells

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