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Dorian in C'eröd as written by Demi (thank you! <3) and Moreau Coat of Arms, commission by Auberon

Tam'nýer—a': I write mainly for Tam'nýer—a', where I am also a moderator and lore maker. This lovely fantasy world has captured my heart and I have quite a few characters playing there! <3

Aeromore: With Mel, we are building (albeit slowly) this steampunk fantasy group. It's a lot of work, and we are both quite busy, so bear with us. My characters for this group are also work in progress and not open to write with.

Spoilers: I am an ENFP, curious, sneaky and imperfect. When I like something, I get rather intense about it, which may be overwhelming for some people but it allows me to accomplish a lot in a very short time. I am told my enthusiasm is slightly contagious, so beware. I am Metaphysical/Mystical, although not religious in any traditional sense. I am interested in Jung, psychology, sidereal astrology, ancient runes (Elder Futhark), alchemy, history of religious beliefs, quantum mechanics, philosophy of magic, and soul growth. I have my own theories about this stuff, but I am very interested and keen to learn about all beliefs and cultures. I'd love to travel and explore the world, and I dream about becoming a freelance writer. I love all forms of art. I dislike petty, vulgar and sloppy, and also hypocrisy and passive-aggressiveness. I always try to keep an open mind, but positivism and scientism occasionally get on my nerves, and may trigger philosophical debates. You have been warned.

Rave Reviews

I'm just plotting, atm, with DorianM. And she can spoil a person simply by showing off her wonderful characters! She's a generous person with her raffles when she has them, and one can get easily drawn in when reading about her characters. She's gotten me to bring a semi old OC of mine up onto RPR, and test his stubbornness against her own OC's. I'm excited to see where our rp will lead! Thank you DorianM for also brightening my day with your kindness! ^-^ - Winters_Fury
Dorian is simply a perfect roleplayer. Plotting and chatting OOC with her is so much fun; designing all the aspects of a story and speculating about how characters might react. And then when it's time to turn these discussions into reality, she will whip out post after post of high quality writing with distinct and flavourful characters. Last but not least, she is that special kind of person who goes out of their way to make others (especially new people) feel welcome. We're lucky to have her! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Key-Blue

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