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  • Gender: Female

Status: I am writing exclusively for Tam'nýer—a' and also focusing on building Aeromore with my friend Mel.

Dorian in C'eröd as written by Demi

About me: I am an ENFP, curious, sneaky and imperfect. When I like something, I get rather intense about it, which may be overwhelming for some people but it allows me to accomplish a lot in a very short time. I am told my enthusiasm is slightly contagious, so beware. I am Metaphysical/Mystical, although not religious in any traditional sense. I am interested in Jung, psychology, sidereal astrology, ancient runes (Elder Futhark), alchemy, history of religious beliefs, quantum mechanics, philosophy of magic, and soul growth. I have my own theories about this stuff, but I am very interested and keen to learn about all beliefs and cultures. I'd love to travel and explore the world, and I dream about becoming a freelance writer. I love all forms of art. I dislike petty, vulgar and sloppy, and also hypocrisy and passive-aggressiveness.

Rules for RPs: I write adjustable length but need substance. Proper grammar also, pretty please. Mostly, I am interested in writing fantasy and adventure, and I enjoy plotting OOC (by separate thread). See above for current status.

Rave Reviews

  • Goodness, I may not even have enough words to give Dorian the praise she deserves. While we've only been writing together for a short time, she's been so delightful. Even outside of role play she's sweet and insightful and so, so great to talk to. I absolutely adore...
    -- PrinceLacrima
  • Without wanting to embarrass her, Dorian is frankly, an awe inspiring writer. She is truly a force of nature on the page and the rate at which she works is just dizzying. I don't know how she manages to juggle all of her stories whilst maintaining such a high calibre...
    -- Lockroach

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