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  • Gender: Female

Status: Catching up on my RPs. My Tam'nýer—a' replies will generally get priority because Tam is addictive (completely unapologetic). The proof?

Dorian in C'eröd as written by Demi

About me: I am an ENFP, curious, sneaky and imperfect. When I like something, I get rather intense about it, which may be overwhelming for some people but it allows me to accomplish a lot in a very short time. I am told my enthusiasm is slightly contagious, so beware. I am Metaphysical/Mystical, although not religious in any traditional sense. I am interested in Jung, psychology, sidereal astrology, ancient runes (Elder Futhark), alchemy, history of religious beliefs, quantum mechanics, philosophy of magic, and soul growth. I have my own theories about this stuff, but I am very interested and keen to learn about all beliefs and cultures. I'd love to travel and explore the world, and I dream about becoming a freelance writer. I love all forms of art. I dislike petty, vulgar and sloppy, and also hypocrisy and passive-aggressiveness.

Rules for RPs:

1. I write adjustable length but need substance. Proper grammar also, pretty please.

2. Mostly, I am interested in writing fantasy and adventure, and I enjoy plotting OOC (by separate thread).

3. Some of my characters are exclusive for two groups. In'Anna, Isvarah, Yugen and a couple of others only play in Tam'nýer—a', while Veronika, Red Dragon, Eris Queen of Mischief and a couple of others were created for Aeromore, a group I am currently building with my friend Mel.

4. I have 16 anonymous archetypal characters, in various stages of development. I love them all!

5. I have several RPs going, and I am really busy IRL both at work and with some personal projects. I generally try to reply within 2-3 days, but it may be longer.
Mood: I am the Raven.

Rave Reviews

  • Without wanting to embarrass her, Dorian is frankly, an awe inspiring writer. She is truly a force of nature on the page and the rate at which she works is just dizzying. I don't know how she manages to juggle all of her stories whilst maintaining such a high calibre...
    -- Lockroach
  • I'll say this again, Dorian is an absolute delight and I also look forward to writing with her and see what other mischievous things we can come up with. The writing chemistry I have with her is not something one can always find and given the fact how sometimes...
    -- Queen_of_Hell

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    "D'rÿden Kăval Sum’nër’, arguably the most powerful man in Püertagœ despite his young age, was made wise beyond his years by family troubles and the burden of responsibility. D'rÿden is an astute but honorable man who has been through a lot yet has emerged much stronger for it. As all characters written so well by Demi, D'rÿden comes alive in Tam'nýer—a' with amazing force and depth, even for brief encounters, and it is truly a pleasure to write with them always. <3"
    (About 1 day and 11 hours ago)
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