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Discord: Kyouki#2641
aka: Say or Kyoukiaoitatsu

Places to Find Me
FA. DA. Ko-Fi. Toyhouse.

Alt names Designs Services

I've been roleplaying since 2004 or longer. Started in yahoo chat rooms. Gaiaonline. Imvu. Secondlife. I finally settled into Furcadia and have never left. I still dabble on Imvu and secondlife. (unfortunately my laptop is on the older side and can't handle the graphics anymore so those are on hiatus until I can save enough money to build a proper gaming desktop)

I began in Furcadia rping in different stable dreams as a feral horse. I think my oldest alts were Sir Orrick (who started as a feral horse inspired by Chivalries Sir Orrick a Champion Clydesdale) and Destrier (my feral war horse)

I also did lion rps and played in dreams such as Tanzania and Outlands. Notable alts were: Morbose, Insigne, Castling, Pleiad.

I matured to FurN and found The Golden Tether which I consider my home dream. I love the fighting system and all the gaming mechanics which the amazing staff and team have evolved over the years. I have enjoyed watching the transformation and hope it continues to grow and flourish. Notable alts: Mollisol, Vivianie, Gadadhara, Emperor.

Schedule: My schedule is pretty flexible and I am open to chatting over plots but I enjoy my privacy a lot. If I'm on a certain alt it's because I am in the mood for them more then the other at the time. Unless I've told you that you can please don't pester me to change alts. My muse is a fickle creature and I don't always have that certain character in mind at the time. It's hard for me to just switch characters on a dime. While I am open most times for rp. I am at the whims of my disability. While I may have had a plan in mind for getting online. My back injury and depression can control my rp moods at times. I may go on a random hiatus because of a downward spiral. Sometimes this connects to a certain character and kills my muse for them. I apologize in advance and will try to notify my partners when this is happening. However it is uncontrollable and sometimes the spirit of the character returns sometimes it's just dead.

Art and economics: I love to buy art and I dabble myself here and there. Though money for me is hard to come by. I have been out of work for 2 years thanks to the injury and currently not able to get on any supplemental disability income. Any help given is much appreciated. Please take a look at the designs I'm selling. I'm also offering naked alt names, Rpr makeovers, furcadia descriptions, and on base character reference sheets. You can find all my work in the links above.

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Dothraki's player is a huge sweetheart and has been nothing but understanding over the years. There was a long moment where we seemed to have both lost connection due to some IRL issues, but have excitedly reconnected after so long. Her writing is unique and refreshing, and the pairing we have with Bas Rouge and Evelynne is probably one of the juiciest tension-ridden plot lines I've ever had the pleasure on being apart of. I highly encourage others to roleplay with them when given the chance. <3 - Tea
Dothraki's one of those people I just 'click' with, you know, the sort that you end up roleplaying for hours and never realize the time that's passed. Her writing invigorates me and I guarantee it'll do the same for you too. Our two paired characters, Ankha and Emperor, work so well together and I look forward to their relationship continuing to grow. I also appreciate all the patience and understanding she's given me since we've known each other. <3 - Unicorn

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