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RP Status:
Available to discussing new rps
I always try to do rp replies within 0-3 days!

I do not accept friend requests unless we have talked or done an rp before.
Rp Info

18+ Only
My prefered genres are: Romance, Fantasy, Adventure, Medieval, Modern, Slice of Life. Anything similar and combos!

I love romance and wholesome cute stuff, as well as darker and interesting plots and twists. Even better if it can have a mix of all of it! I will admit I love drama! Tho only IC, not OOC
I also love hurt/comfort, and I tend to play characters with trauma, since I enjoy writing about heavy things, exploring emotions and thoughts and I suppose it's alsl a sort of outlet?

Writing wise I need to get at least one paragraph of 5 sentences(preferably not counting the dialogue parts) or I won't be able to keep it going.
2 - 4 Paragraphs is probably my favourite!
Depending on the rp, the response I get and what is happening, I write about 200 - 1k words

I write in third person and past tense only, and prefer if my partner do the same.

No's / Triggers

Extreme gore(where it's basically to the point of just being for the sake of it)

Arachnids(cause Arachnophobia)

First person or refering to my character as "you" makes me uncomfortable(Ofc in dialogue it's fine)

Anything with minors or siblings is a hard no(you know what I mean)

Poly relationships(I have my own personal reasons, nothing against people in poly relationships)


Please do let me know if I or any of my characters does or says something that makes you uncomfortable, I am very willing to listen and change things if possible!
It is never my intention to cause any issues or discomfort.

I also wanna note that my characters are not me nor a reflection of me nor my thoughts and believes! So please don't assume

I very much appreciate open communication. If there is any issue, let me know, I won't be mad, but of course keep a nice tone.
Due to my Autism and English not being my first language, I can at times struggle a bit with understanding what is being said, as well as say something so it comes across as what I'm trying to say. If something ever seems off, do just ask!

They/She ○ CET/CEST ○ AuDHD ○ Queer ○ AcePan ○ INFJ ○ Danish
My dms are open! I love to chat so feel free to send me a message
About me

My name is Mira / Echo

I'm a disabled and queer young adult who loves to chat with people! And create stories together. I have been rping for years, and enjoy it greatly.

Besides rping I have a huge interest in animals and art. I watch a lot of shows, movies and youtube, and occasionally play some games!
Some favourites:

Miraculous LadybugATLASteven UniverseTravelersDemon SlayerJJK

SpiritLOTRWolf ChildrenMarvel

Star StableStardew ValleyMinecraftDinkumPokemonSims 4Palworld


In case you're curious heh
I am autistic with adhd, fibromyalgia and a whole mix of anxieties.
At times I will have flare ups that prevent me from replying due to pain and fatigue. And at times my anxiety or tics can be in the way, so I appreciate some patience when that does happen!

I do no ignore people, so if I haven't responded for a while, feel free to nudge me or check in

Rave Reviews

Mirabell is awesome. Though I cannot remember our previous interactions, I was so touched by the fact she simply remembered my name. She is very nice to chat with and from her characters, she's a great writer. The simplicity and aesthetic of her charas is so calmy. Hope we can communicate more and maybe RP someday. ❤️ - HibariHaru013
Of all time, I'd have to say Mirabell is the best RP partner I've ever had. She's open and honest about what's working and what isn't, her characters are complex and compelling, and her writing is a work of art. I feel everything her characters feel like they're real people, and I get super excited every time she replies. If you haven't RPed with her, you're missing out. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - DigitalDevil

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