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Semi Hiatus.. ~

*I tend to go by as Nyx or Nyxie online.
*I am 26 years old
*I have been role playing around 11+ years now
*I also am a writer although I don't think I's really good at it
*I am an Otaku
*My favorite animes include Gangsta, Deadman Wonderland, No. 6, Blood Lad, Tokyo Ghoul, Psycho Pass, Noragami, Bleach, Devils Line.
*I am also a gamer.
*Favorite video games include Final Fantasy, Borderlands Black Desert Online, Neverwinter, etc
*I love the color purple lol
*Wolves are my absolute fav animal

My insta: x.nyxie

~PM: 0
~Form: 0
~Group: 0

That's it! Have any questions or want to roleplay shoot me a PM~

Rave Reviews

Their characters are all so thought out with great pages that seem to match up perfectly! Not to mention they are ridiculously friendly and welcoming in the community, they certainly made me feel at home! I hope we can rp someday <3 <3 - CatNoLastName
FA is an amazing role player that challenges you with each post to delve into your character's thoughts and motives and needs. She's amazingly literate and her characters are all diverse and original, and with as many as she has, that's quite the feat!

If you find yourself wanting to roleplay with her, don't hesitate, because she's an amazing writer with even better plot skills. - Graideds

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