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Hey I am FriedStars! I am so exited to meet new people and find new rp partners!
I think I have been roleplaying for about 2 or 3 years now and I mostly do Romance/Fantasy rp, regardless of this my DM's are always open for new ideas. I am bi so I am glad to rp with anyone regardless of gender. My style is literate and I will try to responds as fast as humanly possible. Some of the fandoms I belong to are: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Six of Crows, My hero Academia an others.

Rave Reviews

A wonderful person to rp with. They are open to idea suggestions and have beautifully written characters. Couple that with fast responses and an enjoyable plot line and they are wonderful to collaborate with. I cannot say more positive things (they won't all fit here anyay!) Wonderful writer Fast responses - sanahakuryu
FriedStars is a really good RPer, they replied fast and were very nice. Driving the plot forward with creative ideas was wonderfully done.

Go rp with them! Creative ideas Long posts - Dantelli

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  • FriedStars gave sunshinemutt kudos:
    I'm sorry, did you ask for the best rp partner out there? Because this lovely person delivers!
    They rekindled my love for rp, their reply speed is astronomical, their writing? Top notch. Her characters? Absolutely wonderful and creative.
    I don't have enough space to say all then wonderful things they deserve and I simply cannot recommend them enough!
    Go to with them! Creative ideas Long-term partner
    (About 1 week 2 days ago)
  • sunshinemutt gave FriedStars kudos:
    Never have I ever loved a roleplay partner more. Stars knows what she's about and gets it done, always ready to plot with you OOC, replies quicker than any other partner I've had...

    Her character building and influence on the roleplay world are to die for. I literally could not recommend her more. Drives the plot forward Fast responses
    (About 1 week 4 days ago)
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