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Status: SCHOOL WORK AAA! *screams uncontrollably*~

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Greetings! Name's Garnaal, but you can call me whatever you like! I'm the local Dutch crass crustacean, master of taking-on-more-RPs-than-I-can-handle and procrastinator extraordinaire, and also an awfully ardent alliteration aficionado, one of the few, really. Aside from that, I'm just another gal with a passion for creating characters, worlds and stories, with a touch of artistic (in)capability on the side.

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Hoo, rules! Don't worry though, I like to think that I'm quite flexible concerning posting lengths, genres and so on. These creepy 'restrictions' down here just point out what I consider to be 'cool' and 'not so cool' behavior - and I think I share my opinion on this with literally every brain-possessing RPer in Earth! Give it a quick look:




Powerplayers, godmodders and Mary Sue's are wack as heck and you know it! I will mock the losers who do this/use them.

Be honest, always! If the RP starts to bore you or you don't feel up for it anymore, let me know and we can either call it quits, start something new or do something to improve our roleplay.

We just want to have fun, right? So have it!

Rave Reviews

  • I had roleplayed with Garnaal a few times before and forgot to give this AMAZING huma- Shrimp? Kudos for their work! They are very talented in their posts and give you plenty to work with! The detail in each post is extraordinary, and their grammar is perfect! They...
    -- AdoniVae
  • Garnaal has so much talent. With an eye for detail, and a wild imagination, Garnaal brings to light a symphony of the purest role play you could ever find. I give my Kudos to this Fantastic Roleplayed and Friend.
    -- EndingDivinity

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