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Stuff y'all oughta know 'bout moi:
  • Hyperactive lil' Shrimp who takes on more RPs than she can handle.
  • Fond of gritty scenes and non-Earth settings, gimme sci-fi 'n stuff!
  • FxF fanatic, could do MxF too, but only as a male (also open to MxM)! (any pairing for non-romantic plot)
  • Dumb meme-trash, professional Mary Sue/Gary Stu mocker.

Rave Reviews

  • This will be my second kudo for Garnaal cause this person deserves more kudos!

    I roleplayed with her for a while now and its amazing and fun
    i love her characters they are intresting and fun to roleplay with , they react all in fun way to my characters . I love all...
    -- Cookiesareyummie
  • A filthy COMMUNIST- *ahem* A simply tremendous writer and friend, Garn represents the great future of a new generation of RPers. Her writing is incredibly immersive and descriptive, and all of her characters are just so darn LOVABLE, from her noir detective to her...
    -- nineforalostgod

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