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Status: On vacation 'till the 26th or something! c:


Yo y'all, name's Garnaal but just call me whatever.

I like meaty posts, making dumb doodles & those thrilling adventure RPs.

I'm also too lazy to get a proper introduction up but I'll get to that one day so keep yo eyes peeled.


Shit I love: Synthwave, steak, retro stuff, Bethesda's crappy masterworks and Muse, in no particular order.

Rave Reviews

  • I am so terrible in keeping up with who I've given kudos to! Garnaal here has been really great when it comes to the rp we have and also ooc chat which is always delightful! They give such good pargraphs! (Granted it for being slow but absolutely worth it for sure)...
    -- FrootLoops
  • She was the FIRST person to start a rp with me and I didn’t have to do much. She messaged me and asked if I wanted to and she is one of the many reasons I’ve gotten more partners, she’s given me tips on how to improve and I absolutely love her. Thanks for everything!!!
    -- Tink

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