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Name's Garnaal, but you can call me Garn! I'm the idiotic neighborhood crustacean who dabbles in all things awesome. Sci-fi, fantasy & adventure RPs are my jam, so if you're into any of that junk, be sure to hit me up!

Well, for starters, I could flex with the fact that I've been in this RPing business since 2014, and that I'm able to switch between any writing style (I prefer non-asterisk stuff though, thank you very much) to suit your preferences!

Worth noting is that the longer and more complicated my posts get, the slower I write due to me having the attention span of an actual shrimp.

Also, take a look at my main OCs, seems like they're eager to meet ya!

New_Piskel_7_2.gif New_Piskel_7_1_5.gif New_Piskel_2.gif New_Piskel_7_1_2.gif

Right off the bat I'd like you to check out this chart for a overall look into what I want, can, might and definitely won't do in an RP. These are about genres mostly, but everything can be shortened into few rules of thumb:

» FxF romance yes, MxM romance maybe, FxM romance no!
» Custom universes beat Earth in every way, let's be creative!
» Let us be buddies and chat during our verbal adventures!
» RP is a social activity, folks: it's about us, not just you!


Rave Reviews

Garn is a treasure to interact with OOC, but extremely fun to write with IC as well!! All of our writing together has been casual one-shots, but it did not take away from the engagement and energy put into them. I genuinely have fun and find that very important when writing. It always feels like Garn is excited to chatter about any character, not just their own; it is a 50/50 authentic interaction!
(I'd have said more but ran out of room)
10/10 would recommend Garn as a writer and friend. :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Sorrisky
Someone with amazing talent ! It's fun to rp with her and everybody should rp with this amazing person - Cookiesareyummie

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