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Status: Life's lowkey busy, but alright~


Yo y'all, name's Garnaal but just call me whatever.

I like meaty posts, making dumb doodles & those thrilling adventure RPs.

I'm also too lazy to get a proper introduction up but I'll get to that one day so keep yo eyes peeled.

Looking for RP preferences? Just >> click here<< !

Lil notice: I'm known to be extremely scatterbrained when it comes to maintaining all the RPs and partnerships I have going on. If you feel like I've forgotten you (so, we haven't spoken for a few days but I seem to be pretty active otherwise), do send me a chat message before I you get lost in my inbox forever! Thanks mateys! :D


Shit I love: Synthwave, steak, retro stuff, Bethesda's crappy masterworks and Muse, in no particular order.

Rave Reviews

Garn is so nice and sweet.she is always polite towards me,understands it I'm busy and she responds to me as soon as she can - Frisky-Gamer
A filthy COMMUNIST- *ahem* A simply tremendous writer and friend, Garn represents the great future of a new generation of RPers. Her writing is incredibly immersive and descriptive, and all of her characters are just so darn LOVABLE, from her noir detective to her wild space werewolf. I always find myself so heavily invested in our RPs because she's just so darn good, and I can't wait to continue our ridiculous adventures, and regret that I take so long to reply. <3 Cheers for what's to come! - red-veins

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