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She/they | Writer & (comic) artist | Crazy critter connoisseur

Howdy there, name's Garn! I'm your local artsy butch 'n crawly crustecean who dabbles in all things sci-fi, fantasy and downright absurd. tiny_garn_sprite_2.gif Worldbuilding, creating art and writing heartfelt but wonderous stories about space werewolves, robotic cat-detectives and other well-rounded-but-utterly-ridiculous-creatures are some of my many passions, and I fully intend to share my creativity and ideas through some good ol' RP as well! In this profile sheet, I'll show all I offer & prefer to write.

Offline, I'm a major in Film- and Literature Sciences, so if you're ever looking to chat about art and storytelling, don't be a stranger! Also, be sure to check out my socials to see what other (creative) rubbish I'm up to:

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So, first things first. I'd like to start off by saying that I've been in the RPing bizz since 2014, and I'd like to think that I've improved my (English) writing skills a whole bit since then. I'm a multi-paragraph, 'literate' roleplayer, and while I'm not a hard-ass about post size, I do require my RP partners to put feeling and effort into what they write.


Rave Reviews

Garn is absolutely crazy but I love it. Her OC’s are dysfunctional in the best possible way and bring chaos to the RP. I enjoy our OOC banter and IC happenings. You won’t be bored RPing with Garn! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Leighoflight
Whenever I see that a roleplay with Sprite has been responded to, I'm always excited to see where we're going in our amazing adventure next! Sprite is fun and wild, though still a nuanced character at her core. I love seeing her layers unfold during a game. Other players will, too! Wonderful writer Long posts - Samiakki

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    A long and funny poster with well made character profiles! What more can you ask for?

    While I've done had group RP with Garn, it is super fun so far! Their sprite character is really fun to do RP with and is very well written and played!

    Out of character they're really funny and nice and fun to talk with!

    In other words, Garn here is an ideal roleplay partner for anything you want! and this is obvious even from the small amounts of roleplay we have done together! Great sense of humor Long posts
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