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LATEST VIBE: Online classes own my ass, so gimme time to respond~

Eyo folks from all over!
It is I, this time with a decent-looking profile page


Name's Garnaal, but just call me whatever. I'm the idiotic neighborhood crustacean who dabbles in all things awesome. Sci-fi, fantasy & adventure RPs are my jam, so if you're into any of that, be sure to hit me up! Alright, alright.. my taste is more refined than only that, but we'll get to that later.

★ So, what's there to know about me?
Well, for starters, I could flex with the fact that I've been in this RPing business since 2014, and that I'm able to switch between any writing style (I prefer non-asterisk stuff though, thank you very much) to suit your preferences!

Worth noting is that the longer and more complicated my posts get, the slower I write due to me having the attention span of an actual shrimp.

Also, take a look at my mains OC, seems like they're eager to meet ya!


★ Alright but, what about the real shit?
Right off the bat I'd like you to check out this chart for a overall look into what I want, can, might and definitely won't do in an RP. These are about genres mostly, but everything can be shortened into few rules of thumb:

FxF romance yes, MxM romance maybe, straight romance no!
Custom universes beat Earth in every way, let's be creative!
Let us be buddies and chat during our verbal adventures!
RP is a social activity, folks: it's about us, not just you!

Rave Reviews

Garnaal has so much talent. With an eye for detail, and a wild imagination, Garnaal brings to light a symphony of the purest role play you could ever find. I give my Kudos to this Fantastic Roleplayed and Friend. - EndingDivinity
I just wanted to drop in and say that this girl is a blast to talk to OOC. Smart and witty and laid back and contagiously enthusiastic. *waves a big, billowing flag* Awesome person over here, folks! - Abigail_Austin

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