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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Birthday: September 29

Of course I had my name translated to Japanese. Of course I did.
Kana: ブランドン
Kanji: 武嵐努御
Thanks for that, Highjinx.

I'm Brandon. Will eventually make a career out of composing music.

I'm a fan of Lovecraft and related sorts of works and elements used therein. I can work with many types of RPs, ranging from short one-offs to full-length plots (with preference to the latter end of the range). I can work with most genres, horror and fantasy best of all, sci-fi not far behind.

I'm a long time Final Fantasy fan, having at least played or tried to play most of the main series numbered games. I've actually beaten II, IV, V, VI, X, XII, XIII & XV, and am engrossed in XIV.

GrandFinale#2751 on Discord, hit me up! Lemme know you're an actual person who read this and not a bot if you do.

Rave Reviews

  • I really love Grand! He takes a lot of love and care in detail in his role-play and character development, and I really admire that! While our RP plot may have been temporarily dropped due to time zones and work stuff, I really hope we get something in the works...
    -- TinyCentaur
  • To be honest, I might not have been able to make it through half of my job practice if it weren't for Grand here. You might not know, but you and some other people are the reason I could make it through those 9 weeks.
    I was starting to get home sick, lonely, and the...
    -- Reima

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