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*Call me Elliot
*Mother of 2
*Tends to be rather awkward at the best of times. Quiet and a little unsure of how to socialize
*Eternally tired.
I like Horror, Occult, Cartoons, and Animals. I research constantly. I love mythology. I *extra* love monsters. Special love for the undead. One of my main special interests is cannibalism, and yes, I'm not joking. I've no clue why it fascinates me so much.
I've a love for the gory and grotesque.

Rave Reviews

I haven't known Blot a long time, but they are one of the more genuinely nice and friendly people on this game. Their characters are interesting to watch and interact, Lye especially! A creative writer. I look forward to more fun with Lye and Ende'. - Rook
Blot creeps up on you slowly, because he's a quiet guy. You never quite expect the wonderful sarcastic humor, or gentle kindness he possesses, but that's of course all out of character. In character, Blot's characters provide cheeky narratives to the scene, even the more shy characters have something to add to any scene. They are a wonderful writer and an even more wonderful friend, 10/10 would torment their character again. - Goblin

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