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Married, Father of 2, Writer ...

gdKEklb.pngI don't mind OOC chatter, can be both overly fond of, and weirded out by, a whisper snuggle, and I have a messed up sense of humor due to being an EMT for 14 years and being a 9-1-1 call taker and police dispatcher for a little less than 2 years. Thank the gods that is all in my past now.

I can sometimes accidentally rub people the wrong way, off color humor slipping past a broken mental filter, but talk to me about it before you go deleting me from your life and you may find I'm able to admit when I'm wrong and apologize if needed.
(IF I'm wrong :-p)

Some of my characters are sweethearts, some are assholes, all are facets of my psyche. They might be parts of me, but I'm not them. You can have issues and be my friend, I have lots of issues, and can often relate. But, please, no Drama.

I come to Furcadia, RPR, Discord, World of Warcraft, where ever, for the escape from reality. If our characters don't mesh, that's cool. We don't need to RP to be friends and everyone is looking for something different. As a wise woman once said, "That's why they make vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry."

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Rave Reviews

To say this man is hilarious would be an understatement, both oocly and icly his witty banter will have you in hysterics. I've never met someone who can be so unpredictable, so creative in building a scene that it will suck you in to the point time itself is forgotten. A genius, a partner in crime, and most importantly a friend. Please, smother him in RP, if anyone deserves your attention it's this one right here c: - BobbinK
Happy Birthday Kudos!! Green and I haven't RPed in too long, but that doesn't stop me from still craving his writing and all of the heavy detail that comes with it. His ability to weave the subtle yet grandiose intricacy of the mundane and fantastical alike will leave beautiful imagery racing across your mind and a want to dive deeper into the pockets of the world that unfold... - Stormie

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