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Hello and Welcome,
Thanks for stopping by.
Important things about me are, I am from the US. I am a 32 year old androgynous (female). I prefer to create completely original characters typically of the supernatural variety.
My hobbies include, reading, writing, drawing, and watching or reading anything about myths, legends, folklore, magic...etc...
I'm a nerd. A history nerd.

I have been RPing since middle school and Rping online since High school. I prefer to RP with people 18+ as i tend to play characters that are 18+. I generally reply in paragraphs, though they tend to vary in length based on my partners style and the information i have to work with. I can sometimes make them a bit on the long side, but i dont expect immediate replys, we all have real life stuff to do.

I dont mind writing mature stuff in my posts, that includes,
Intimate encounters

I do not write lemon or smut scenes. I am not comfortable with that. Especially, when my writing partner could be not of age.

I have been out of RPing for acouple years since all the invisionfree and zetaboards shutdown. I was not happy with Tapatalk, so i kinda quit. But i miss it and I will over time create more characters.

Currently, I have made one and I will see how that goes.

I am also and amateur writer. I just recently post my first public story on Wattpad. I know its easy for it to get copyrighted and stuff, but its just test, so I'm not super worried. But if your interested,
The Traveler, Artemis
By JJWolfe88

Here is the link:

Rave Reviews

Well what can I say. I've been role-playing for a bit with them and they are a perfect partner! Their character created a world which feels real and it touched me. I want to get deeper and learn more about that character Luna and their story. Keep up the good work, I really love your style❤ Wonderful writer Long-term partner - EagleBearer

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