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Hey there! I'm not too sure what to put here. Not terribly good at talking about myself, to be honest.

I'm always looking for RP - I'm a big fan of causing distress and torturing my poor characters, that being said I am not a fan of slice of life RP or anything that is too simple. Action, horror, and the like are more up my alley - though certainly romance and the like is possible, though it must happen organically. I will never change my characters just to fit a bill for a romance, and nor would I expect you to change yours!

I'd love to build a plot with you, if you have an idea in mind that has fantasy themes and want to play? MESSAGE ME! I swear I don't bite and I'll definitely respond at the very least. Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say. We're all here for RP.


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It can be an annual thing, shush. Semiannual. But my old kudo still stands! Healthbar's still good fun to play with, and I've especially enjoyed the somewhat unexpected, rather rewarding growth of Arron and Ehen as characters, together. Even in the past year or so in which we've found ourselves somewhat between-fantasy-settings, she's remained a good friend and I always love and value talking with her about all sorts of things! (And I welcome her kitty knowledge - Camo's a giant handful!) - Rigby
We've actually known each other for about a week, yet it feels like we've known each other for months, maybe years. That is just how friendly and delightful she is as a person, both in character and outside of her, and I am just blown away by all of it consistently. I look forward to the times ahead at this rate. :D - TiamosLoren

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