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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26
  • Birthday: January 16

Hey there! I'm not too sure what to put here. Not terribly good at talking about myself, to be honest.

I'm always looking for RP - I'm a big fan of causing distress and torturing my poor characters, that being said I am not a fan of slice of life RP or anything that is too simple. Action, horror, and the like are more up my alley - though certainly romance and the like is possible, though it must happen organically. I will never change my characters just to fit a bill for a romance, and nor would I expect you to change yours!

I'd love to build a plot with you, if you have an idea in mind that has fantasy themes and want to play? MESSAGE ME! I swear I don't bite and I'll definitely respond at the very least. Nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say. We're all here for RP.


Rave Reviews

  • While I haven't roleplayed with her very many times, I don't necessarily need to to know she's a talented writer. Her characters have a lovely amount of depth and are not by any means ordinary or typical, even if they may seem so at a first glass. Looks can be very,...
    -- yamashta
  • I now know Healthbar a lot better then the first time I wrote Kudos for her. Since that point we've grown to be more than just sort of acquaintances / sort of friends and have developed a wonderful friendship. I find great amusement in the odd texts I get from them...
    -- Djinn-n-Tonic

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