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Yo I love alex turner frontman From arctic monkeys and The last shadow puppets. Love rping I prefer script style but paragraph aight too. Check out my Spotify “AlexTurner'sAss” I have like one playlist it has mostly like punk and grunge ya know the music if your parents found out you listened to they would force feed you holy water :). Btw for RP I'm very comfortable with changing my characters gender and or age. Only things I don't like are, godmodding and one liners even just a few sentences is fine just no single sentence thank you! I'm also comfortable with Mature themes legit nothing seems to bother me I'm a little hesitant to Pregnancies so I try to stray away from those RPs, You must be 18 or older in order for me to be comfortable with mature themes so please understand and not take it personally.

If you plan on being absent for awhile Fine by me if you ghost even it's fine life gets in the way sometimes. But do however let me know when you want to drop or shelf an rp! Thank ya.

((Favorite RPs)) I love love love love Apocalypse RPs it's always fun to write danger in every corner so if anyone has ideas for a zombie or natural disaster rp plz let me know, would love to get something started.

I like MxM and FxF changing my characters gender for this to work is fun as well! I love RPing with a character who is more tough and strong so a complete contrast to a few of mines it's fun replying to a character who is the opposite of your own.

Slice of life is fine aswell but I would like a story maybe a goal something to work for and go off of.

I also enjoy very mature themes! Gore,sex,violence love it all equally yet I'm horrible at writing fighting scenes. So be aware of that.

(Favorite bands) gorillaz, Artic monkeys, Nirvana, The vines, The strokes, muse, System of a Down

(Favorite games) kingdom hearts, smash bro's, rock band 4

(Hobbies) I play drums, drawing, rping, I like watching anime idk if that's a hobby

(Favorite shows (not anime) You Netflix original, Feel good Netflix original, umbrella academy, Avatar last airbender, parks and rec, arrested development, getting into trinkets quite a bit!

(Favorite anime) Haikyuu number one fo sho, Hunter x hunter, Japan sinks 2020, meglobox, mushishi, Demon slayer

(Favorite musician) Damon Albarn (gorillaz and blur), Alex turner (arctic monkeys and the last shadow puppets, Matt Bellamy (muse), Julian casablancas (strokes and idc about the drama with him and his girlfriend), Matt helders (drummer for Artic monkeys)


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Gotta say, she's been fantastic as my first partner on this quest between my psycho Isa and her character, Kai. She has yet to fail on developing Kai throughout the tale we've together spun thus far, and has been very patient with errors I've made along the way. I appreciate her and her replies. Here's a kudos. Keep up the good work. Kind and understanding Fast responses - ThatKingDude

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