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Hallo, I am Reeno-Alchemist/InquisitorCat/Cat, or whatever you prefer. I have been rping for 10 years now. Feel free to look at my characters, there's nothing too special about them. I really enjoy Berserk, undertale, Dragon Age and Susumu Hirasawa.

My Oc's lol

Rave Reviews

So much in depth information on her page! Awesome character art! If I had a character that would work in this era I'd totally rp with her :D - Pineapple
Inquisitor is an amazing RP partner, I love all her characters- (which I've read through) and all of them are interesting and have their own traits and personalities that make them all feel unique, even the ones related to one another. Her replies are always a joy and always give me something to work with. I look forward to continuing to RP with her- and I am very lucky to have ever gotten the chance to do so ^^. - Section

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  • InquisitorCat befriended WandOfEternity3 weeks ago
  • Raine Asawa (played by InquisitorCat) replied to the forum topic On Your Knees When You Look At Me (MXF) (closed)3 weeks ago
  • InquisitorCat gave Heimdall kudos:
    I've come to know Heimdall as a fantastic artist and writer. I had the privilege of reading the first couple of chapters of their book and it was so easy to get lost in the world that they have created! Not only that but their leather work is amazing and something to admire! I loved seeing their renfair shop! If I had the money I would commission them to make me the finest leather armor! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    3 weeks ago
  • Heimdall gave InquisitorCat kudos:
    Cat's characters have an incredible vitality and realness to them that seems to make them step off the page. The world that Cat has built for them is rich, and I'm eager to see more of it through her writing as well as her comics. For Vavel!
    3 weeks ago
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