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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: October 13


Current active Rps:5ish

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Hallo, I am Reeno-Alchemist/InquisitorCat/Cat, or whatever you prefer. I have been rping for 10 years now. Feel free to look at my characters, there's nothing too special about them. I really enjoy Berserk, undertale, Dragon Age and Susumu Hirasawa.

My Oc's lol

Rave Reviews

  • Cat offers such well rounded characters to write with and she is able to move a story in such a way that it is very refreshing. Her characters have believable worries and problems and she is a very patient writer. Every post I receive of her's brings a certain feeling of warmth and life.
    -- Miss
  • I'm glad to have met Cat through RPR, she's inclawdible and I can't furrget that they enjoy my puns, which automatically makes her a claws up in my book. Quick sidenote: she makes me miss TimmyHo's.

    We haven't RP'd but I find her characters fascinating and well...
    -- Wen

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