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Hey! Call me Jellopolie, Jello, Jelly, or any other variation or nickname! If you aren't sure, ask me! If I'm uncomfortable with it, I'll just let you know. No worries!

Feel free to PM anytime to roleplay or just talk!

General rules and preferences:
  • I'm open to most themes and genres. I tend to steer away from heavily futuristic or tech based roleplays. I usually prefer not to do slice-of-life, as I find it to be a bit boring sometimes. I love fantasy and romance. I prefer that all relationships are made naturally, unless it's for the roleplay (ie: An arranged marriage) I can do most timelines/timeframes, although if I get something wrong for that era just let me know please.
  • I will roleplay with characters and players of any age. I am okay with slight NSFW or themes that lean a bit more mature.
  • Things like, violence (of any kind), cussing, trauma, mental issues, ect. are completely okay with me. In addition to that, I'm okay with gore, body horror, ect.

Some things you should know.
  • I am a minor. Just throwing that out there for those that won't rp with minors.
  • I usually can't write more than 3 paragraphs. My response length can range from occasional one-liners (though I try not to do those as much as possible) to around 2 to 3 paragraphs.
  • I know my writing's definitely not the best, but I like writing and roleplaying. I am trying to work on and improve my responses and response lengths.

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