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Hello everybody! Welcome to my page, please browse my characters and message me I'm more than happy to talk and discuss a variety of things.

As you can see by my username, I go by Josey. I've been roleplaying since I was about 13 and I stopped for sometime but after finding this site, I decided would give it another try. So far I've been enjoying every minute of it. As such, I am always available to talk and discuss new stories with new players and old players alike. Do not ever be afraid to send me a message as I will always try to respond no matter the time or day.

I'm a very go with the flow type of person. So, if you don't like something about my character, roleplaying style, or would like to discuss things please do.

What I feel like Roleplaying right now: Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Modern, Medieval, Superhero, You name it and I'm probably interested in it.

My roleplay style: I like to have multi-paragraph roleplays, try to be very descriptive, and attempt to respond as quickly as possible. Usually I only take about 48 hours to respond to anyone. I am open to adjusting my lengths and description and even frequency of post depending on the person I am roleplaying with.

To discuss my rules, please message me.

Rave Reviews

Where do I even begin? This guy is so sweet, so understanding, caring and considerate in my experience talking to him. And also quite funny! I have so much fun with our rps, and ooc chatting. He is really easy and chill to talk to. And somehow our rps just seem to flow incredibly well! Always looking forward to seeing a reply from him and getting to respond. His writing is awesome, and I very much enjoy it! I really hope we can keep it up for a long time! I'd definitely recommend rping with him. Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Echo
I was incredibly fortunate to find Josey when I made a return to RPing and I have never ever had such a successful roleplay. They are incredibly sweet, kind, and communicative IC and OOC. They take an active role in narrative and plot development - I've personally never had a character develop this much with a partner before. Their consistency is always appreciated and I value them greatly <3 Kind and understanding Creative ideas - fish_skele

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  • BlackBlood gave Josey kudos:
    I highly recommend Josey! The way their writing is so smooth, creative and drives me to be a better writer myself. Their post are long and they really know how to create the scene for you in their wording. I'm so happy and fortunate to be able to roleplay with them! : ) Wonderful writer Long posts
    (About 1 month 1 week ago)
  • Josey befriended Masquerade.(About 2 months 2 weeks ago)
  • Josey gave BlackBlood kudos!
    "Blackblood is such an amazing writer that I’ve found myself inspired by. They’re very responsive, so kind, and they’re communicative to point where I feel myself trying to change so I can be the same. Blackblood is an amazing roleplay partner that I would recommend to anyone seeking to tell a new story. I enjoy reading their posts, and how quick they're capable of replying. Here’s to hoping that we can continue telling great stories! Wonderful writer Fast responses"
    Josey also gave kudos to Rosey, metacarpal and Berrystar.(About 2 months 3 weeks ago)
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    Josey gives credit where credit is due!(About 2 months 3 weeks ago)
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    "Masquerade is an incredible writer, a captivating conversationalist, all with an inspirational mind. They’re capable of creating a story that I have grown to love, in a genre I’m relatively new to, and I can’t wait to continue the story we’ve crafted together. I’ve come to enjoy talking with them, both in roleplay and outside of roleplay. Their ability to have new and interesting ideas on where to take the story is amazing. I hope to continue roleplaying with them and crafting new stories. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer"
    Josey also gave kudos to Laineie.(About 2 months 3 weeks ago)