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Hello! I like Sci-Fi

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How does one make a robot so relatably human without being human at all? How does one, in the same post, formulate a battle scene of such intensity and vivid imagery that I can practically feel the searing heat and quaking earth? Good question - but somehow Jay-Z pulls it off. An ever-expanding series of robots with an ever-expanding history - and we've got some big plans, yes? Eon-spanning plans, yes yes. Also I should mention that this guy's animations are DOPE AS HAIL.<3 - Petrovalyc
I know that you might no read this now, 'Zorkko, but The Galaxy Wide is still waiting for you to return, and we will be there when you do. I miss the oddly comedic IRI series and their galactic mass destruction colossi and the general humor that you stealthily crafted into your posts. Let's not even get started on your smooth animations. To think of it, the comedy on your posts are quite reminiscing of some classical cartoons. We're still here for 'ya, bro. - Churchtuary

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