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  • Gender: Male

Hello! I'm Jzork.
I like to roleplay as anything but humans/humanoids/anthropomorphic whatevers.
My character list will probably show that.
I make art too, and animations. Always trying to improve character interaction/background/personality, the works. Every character posted on this site was either made specifically for the site or is a character I care little for outside of the whole animation spectrum.
That being said, I will still probably care about that character.
A lot.
I'm the embodiment of a train wreck.

Rave Reviews

  • I know that you might no read this now, 'Zorkko, but The Galaxy Wide is still waiting for you to return, and we will be there when you do. I miss the oddly comedic IRI series and their galactic mass destruction colossi and the general humor that you stealthily...
    -- Churchtuary
  • How does one make a robot so relatably human without being human at all? How does one, in the same post, formulate a battle scene of such intensity and vivid imagery that I can practically feel the searing heat and quaking earth? Good question - but somehow Jay-Z...
    -- Petrovalyc

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