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I'm a writer, and I deeply enjoy words.

Words, like dogs, have impressive pedigrees and histories when it comes to why mankind came to need that particular word. Also like dogs, each word is bred to a specific purpose, and are ill-suited to another, if their owners try to force it.

I pay close attention to RP, so I will generally remember details about your character and encourage and help any effort you put into them be used in the RP. By the same token, I'll notice major inconsistencies, and my characters will have no choice but to assume your character is either lying or insane when they cannot keep their stories straight.

Rave Reviews

Kaji creates beautiful characters, is a wonderful world builder, and roleplays with thought given to the people and characters she interacts with. I don't think I've ever found someone so good at rping both the gentle nuances of 'everyday' life as well as the epic battles which often take place in fantasy settings. - Tamarind
Best Surprise!RP ever. :D A well thought out character, steered by an excellent player. Don't miss a chance to RP with this guy, it's bound to be a thrill! - Strangedisease

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