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Innit fam'!

I don't do smut or Furcadia...

...And I prefer forum based roleplays over PM based.

Just a little preface when I respond to any RP advertisements:

If you notice that I've come on to an advertisement and not offered a specific character, know that it is very delibrate. I much prefer to gauge with my prospective partner on what story there is in mind before I decide to present on OC, who likely may not fit the theme as my old characters are stratified into very particular settings. For example, Anglermaw is a Warhammer character, and Kemmeht is meant solely for Giger-inspired science fantasy. Obtaining that little bit more info allows me to mould my characters (or heck, create a new one) that fits better with the narrative.

Rave Reviews

I will always remember an RP he ran. It was a war in the Silver Kingdom. It was so well run and dynamic. A great world was built around it. So kudos to being a master storyteller. - Pantrane
KingofHaddock is a very good Rper, In the short time I have RPed with him, He has given the RP twists and His character is very well written and gives an AlterNet Point of view to the rp, This is one fish you would not want to leave out of your rp net! (just go with it) - Chris_Pike

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