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Innit fam'!

I don't do smut or Furcadia...

...And I prefer forum based roleplays over PM based.

Rave Reviews

OH NUUU, I forgot to give him a KUDOS!!!! AHHH!!!! Well, The King of all the Haddock is a splendid multi paragraph rper. Descriptions are powerful and set the scene and he is a much better writer than me. Take that for what you will. He also is very aware of settings and is loaded to the brim with ideas. Give him a shot, you won't be dissapointed. - Fluffer
KingofHaddock is a very good Rper, In the short time I have RPed with him, He has given the RP twists and His character is very well written and gives an AlterNet Point of view to the rp, This is one fish you would not want to leave out of your rp net! (just go with it) - Chris_Pike

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