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Innit fam'!

I don't do smut or Furcadia...

...And I prefer forum based roleplays over PM based.

Just a little preface when I respond to any RP advertisements:

If you notice that I've come on to an advertisement and not offered a specific character, know that it is very delibrate. I much prefer to gauge with my prospective partner on what story there is in mind before I decide to present on OC, who likely may not fit the theme as my old characters are stratified into very particular settings. For example, Anglermaw is a Warhammer character, and Kemmeht is meant solely for Giger-inspired science fantasy. Obtaining that little bit more info allows me to mould my characters (or heck, create a new one) that fits better with the narrative.

Rave Reviews

Such an intriguing RP-er with equally compelling characters. He has strong sense of justice and desire to do what is fair for everyone within the RP he is participating in. A true King!!! - Virus
OH NUUU, I forgot to give him a KUDOS!!!! AHHH!!!! Well, The King of all the Haddock is a splendid multi paragraph rper. Descriptions are powerful and set the scene and he is a much better writer than me. Take that for what you will. He also is very aware of settings and is loaded to the brim with ideas. Give him a shot, you won't be dissapointed. - XXXKILLZONEUS

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