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"Let your mistakes not burden you,
But serve as guideposts on where not to travel."


relating to or denoting the period of twilight.

A girl in the middle of nowhere who loves fantasy, scarves, foxes and rabbits, technicolor hair, indie games, and bakes too much for her own good. Quiet and a little introverted, friendly to a fault once I warm up, but intolerant of drama or headgames. I've been actively roleplaying since I was 14 years old and while I've come a long way since the script-style days of yore, writing is something I can't picture myself without. Let's create some stories together.


lGkNk9B.png CST lGkNk9B.png INFP lGkNk9B.png PM Friendly lGkNk9B.png Professional Lurker lGkNk9B.png
lGkNk9B.png Sag-Cap Cusp lGkNk9B.png She/Her lGkNk9B.png


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A fellow enthusiast for chatting away about art or RP tropes or just the day's events; Twilit is an easy person to talk with and I am very glad to have come to know her. We havent had much opportunity to actually collaborate in RPs but I treasure the days we exchange ideas. I hope with the new year, we can find the time to build stories together. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Unicorn
This lady right here has become a most welcome focal point of my Furcadia experience (which has translated over to my real life). Luna first entered my life with her main becoming fast friends with my main character. Soon after, she quickly wedged her way into MY life as a treasured friend. Luna is candor personified. Great fun in silly times, and great counsel in times of need, I feel truly lucky I happened upon this girl ICly and OOCly. :) - unlikelynominee

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