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Hi *wave* I'm Luulu. I adore writing with other people and the adventures we can go on together. I also craft a lot, and plan to add that into some of my characters eventually. Yay embroidery, knitting, crochet! I love my crafts as much as I love my writing. <3

Warning : I'm constantly reworking profiles.
Some of my characters might straight disappear.
Other will simply be re-worked.
Characters I had previously used under "Blank" may get a slot all their own.

I am a big advocate of what I call "air" characters or even "air" roleplaying. I love starting with a small base : What are the characters and where will they meet. From there the react to each other and it is amazing what can unfold from there. It is also not to amazing how often this style of writing can I am also not against plotting around now and then. Both types of rp have it's merits. ^^

I am excited to get up and writing again so please! If you see anything you like about my characters, shoot me a message and lets start a roleplay.

Rave Reviews

Luulu is full of good ideas! :D She's been nothing but a sweetheart and very down to earth, and I have the feeling she'll contribute even more to the site in the future. Stay as awesome as you are, Luulu! - Sanne
Awesome RPer and friend very creative ^.^ - ColombeRory

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