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I have many characters, I just have them as anonymous! If you're looking for a specific scenario or character type, shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you!

I'm not sure what to put here, haha! I'm not very good at talking about myself. Hm. My name is Toby, but you can also call me Bird or Mad, if you want!

Pls talk to me I am shy.

I guess I've been RPing since I was fourteen and writing since I was little, so I sorta feel odd when I've been without RP or something for too long, lol.

I'm really awkward and shy when it comes to new people, so I may not ask you if you'd like to RP with me, even if I want to, which I more than likely do! I'm into all kinds of roleplay, except for really really uber tiny posts all the time. I promise I still try to be fun despite not doing that, though.


~I enjoy gore in rps, too.
~Adventures and mysteries


~Casual scenes
~Uh... basically anything.


~Anything with kids in sexual situations

More than writing, I draw. SHAMELESS SELF ADVERTISING


MadRatBird's Characters

MadRatBird either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

MadRatBird is a talented and eloquent roleplayer, his posts are clear, consistent and filled with fun. The two characters I have played with, Luna and Evelyn are clearly wildly different from each other, yet both charming and fun in their own ways, a trick I have wished many other players could have learned in my widely varied RP past. Even more important, and equally well managed is MadRatBird's ability to keep OOC knowledge out of his characters' knowledge. - Nero
A friendly and wonderful artist, MRB has always been someone that I've enjoyed my time chatting with. I remember commissioning them for the first time and I still love the art they did of my Vale. Recently, MRB did art courtesy of Novalyyn, for my fiancé, and it was super awesome to coordinate all of that and knowing that my fiancé was really happy with what MRB did with his character. ♡ - FreeJayFly

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  • Dndmama gave MadRatBird kudos:
    What a fantastic artist this person is! Funny too! Kind and helpful. I haven't written with them but that doesn't mean they don't deserve all the kudos. And all the money! Go check out their discord and Patreon! You won't be disappointed! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    (About 3 weeks 5 days ago)
  • Sanne gave MadRatBird kudos:
    Toby is the kind of friend you want to share with everyone because he has a fantastic sense of humor and is always so down to earth. I immensely appreciate that he's willing to listen and share his emotional labor on important topics for the betterment of others, but he also knows how to set a boundary and prioritize himself first. He's a joy to work with as a mod and I'm never disappointed to talk to and play games with him. :D Helpful Creative ideas
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)