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*Witten: Jan, 2022

I made this profile about a year ago and it just sat there as my life exploded into chaos. As with any death there in a rebirth and a regrowth, and a time of calm has come again.

Also, on the day I am writing this I have a brand-new computer: a sparkly laptop, after years of using a cell phone to type and express myself (It was bad... have you ever tried to para on a cell phone? the Shame!) that being said and the ability to stretch my fingers to their full length I am very Rusty at this roleplay concept, but I hope to create characters soon.


I am an Imperfect person, with imperfect spelling and grammer I do consider myself Literate since I CAN READ and WRITE though other people's supercilious opinion may contradict that notion and that is okay.

I am a Freelance rper and I prefer to make up stories as I go to, instead of hard-core layouts and planning, I only play original concepts. I play 1 to 3 paras depending on the situation and what is needed at the time.

Other things:
Though I do not find it necessary to post my age I do only play with adults, not necessarily for sexual reasons but anyone 20 and under could very well be my child and I find that weird and I have been text roleplaying since the age of dialup.

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