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Hello, when I was young I use to draw and write the worlds that developed in my minds eye, They where intense and vibrate worlds. When I was 15 i was introduced to the internet and I found chat rooms, of people played stories and characters together. I Lurked for weeks before I *entered* into the chat. I been in love ever sense. How we access the internet has changed, how we roleplay has changed Almost 3 decades later I Still love this style of writing.

Types of RP:
World building, these are stories that have multi characters, with intertwining storylines that can span generations of characters.

The Shadows of an Empire: Ariana. lord Nic and tons of unlisted charters it has a the world is pretty well formed with heavy themes of light and darkness and how that plays with good and evil. (dark is not always evil) High fantasy.

In the dawn of the Dragon mother: Star Song, Celestial hope plays heavy of reglious dogma themes UNDEVLOPED.

Modern Magical Intentions: A magical modern world, hidden with in the mundane. Cheeky incantations is the main Flag character with all the modern

Characters that are this type of RP:

I am an Imperfect person, with imperfect spelling and grammer I do consider myself Literate since I CAN READ and WRITE though other people's supercilious opinion may contradict that notion and that is okay.

I am a Freelance rper and I prefer to make up stories as I go to, instead of hard-core layouts and planning, I only play original concepts. I play 1 to 3 paras depending on the situation and what is needed at the time.

Other things:
Though I do not find it necessary to post my age I do only play with adults, not necessarily for sexual reasons but anyone 20 and under could very well be my child and I find that weird and I have been text roleplaying since the age of dialup.

Rave Reviews

Masquerade, is a grand gem, not only she is a super kind and understanding person, but also she is a fantastic writer whose writing style would certainly mesmerize you. She is an amazing friend and roleplay partner I have had the honor of roleplaying with. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Vozhad
I was fortunate enough to earn a write with this gem of a person. Be assured you're in for something spectacular. Exquisite Characters, Deep Lore, Witty Dialogue, Engaging Suspense and Meaningful Themes. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Tyranoth

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