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Vampires are the darkness that cast darkness over the darkness!

Before you proceed please read this because it is very important to me:
I love role-playing, I really love it and I have been role-playing for years so I am really good at it however there are two most important factors for me that you need to know before role-playing with me:
---Vampires are my world, they are literally everything to me, if you don't like vampires then please don't ask for a role play with my vampire characters, and please notice that they are the strongest beings in my role plays so if you have a problem with that then don't role-play with my vampire characters.

--- Please, I humbly ask you if you are a one-liner, don't ask for a role play, I simply don't like to role-play with one-liners that means I do require at least a decent paragraph from my partner.


Greetings, I do hope all of you are safe and sound and doing well with the everlasting blessing of happiness and prosperity being the inseparable part of your life.

Here I want to talk a little bit about myself... well, I like to talk about myself and certainly, there is a lot to say... In the country, I live most people don't like fantasy and imagination however I am the total opposite pillar which means I love fantasy and imaginary worlds so much that even in my sleep I am deeply immersed in oceans of fantasy so being here is exceedingly exciting to me.

I studied civil engineering but it was not for me so I began doing what I was best at, writing... I am a novelist and write both long stories and dark lyrics, (Please note that English is not my mother language, so I studied English and tried to become a professional English teacher which I did and teach English for money.)

My personality is complex however I am a nice, kind, and extrovert guy. I usually avoid people who don't like fantasy stories and are more of a realistic sort.

What is most important to me?
Well for me Vampires, Vampires, Vampires, (How magical the word is to me, I can write the word page after page and never get bored or tired.), and darkness are the most important things to me. Every single inhale and exhale of mine is haunted by my love for Vampires, that is why I have been working hard on my main book for three years now whose first volume is almost done, I will work hard to muster enough money to have it published.

I also love games, the games I love must have powerful vampires, like Elder scroll Skyrim(Mods are involved), Warhammer total war, Vampire masquerade redemption and bloodlines, Bloodrayne I and II, Disciples II and III.

I also love Undead, all sorts of undead for a better understanding lets put it this way:
I love= Vampires and Darkness>> Undead>Dragons>Necromancers>Demons>Werewolves>

What I don't like is judgmental people, I do believe judging others for who they are, is the worst feature of humanity so even if the person is not my type I won't judge instead I simply and politely keep my distance.

I also love all sorts of animals as Sirasava in Godzilla said, "I admire all forms of life." I too do the same, but I love cats, sharks, bats, owls, and spiders more(yes I love spiders as well)

I am also extremely caring and protective of my friends and always will try to support or help them with whatever ability I have, great friends are the real treasures of life.

In a role play, I control many characters which certainly spices things up, and about my characters, I must say most of them are my self-designed and created characters thus all rights of the character are mine. (Except the pictures of-course.)

One of my characters in my book is an omnipotent Vampire that is the creator of Darkness and unlife, it is an exceedingly complicated character that hunts down and devours gods, it is an extremely creepy and dark vampire that is the pinnacle of my imagination and is ready to take you to the heart of darkness, for now, I have named it Coffin King. Please note that I am excellent regarding using the omnipotent characters in a role play so if you chose to role-play with it be sure that you will enjoy the story.


I also do like erotic lines in my stories as well, some of my characters are Dom, some are sub and some are in the middle, most of my characters are males but that doesn't mean I lack the capability of playing with female characters and I do have some great female characters as well.

About my music taste, I must say I listen to special kinds of music that reflect the eternal powers of vampires and darkness because of this reason I particularly love AMVs on You Tube, some of my favorite bands are Blutengel, E-Nomineh, Skillet, Power wolf, Hammer Fall.

I watch horror and vampire movies but the top movies in my heart are:
Bram Stoker's Dracula, Night flier, All Sir. Lee Dracula movies. Frank Langella Dracula, BBC Dracula. Nosferatu, New 2020 BBC Dracula (episode 3 doesn't count!), and any good vampire movie.

Regarding the animes field among the many animes that I have watched Hellsing Ultimate OVA is sacred to me, it is fantastic and in fact, is beyond the word beyond!

I am sure I am among the great people here and I do believe I will find nice friends here, people who love vampires can really be nice friends of mine but all are welcomed to my worlds.

Best Regards Vozhad

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I play with Vozhad with my charater vesper darksun. This player is a gem that might be overlooked by most players. He is one of many players that have a vibrant intense well thought out story to tell but might get over looked because english is not their frist language. He still has better grammar then I and I am a native speaker. He is understanding and a quick reply (10 to 20 min between posts when he is on) he loves his word and wants to share it with you. Ooc he is sweet and thoughtful. - SarietheFae
Vozhad has become one of my best friend on here. Our current role play is nothing but fun and amazing. His writing is phenomenal and he adds little details that make you appreciate the story better. All in all, I can see him as a life time friend and role play partner. Wonderful writer Long-term partner - QueenSerenity

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    It's been a bit now since I started role-playing with this guy. For those who enjoy darkness( and vampires especially ) he's a real delight. Characters are well developed and a joy to face head to head with IC battles of wits. So far his ideas have meshed perfectly with my existing stories to create twisted and heart-tearing scenarios. Always eager to see his next reply and I hope to keep this rp for a long time to come! Creative ideas Long posts
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    We have started a role-play together and I must admit that I have never expected someone this young (they are 20) could have such a great endowment concerning writing, not only they are an awesome writer but also exceedingly friendly and kind, KilNi is a magnificent person, I am honored that I am their roleplay partner. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
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    Another Kudo? Why? -- well this person is a genuis. When I found that English was not their first language, I was astounded! He is so good at writing and I wonder to how this person can write so well! I look up to them in a lot if I had to be honest--I know that will become the best of the best and I suggest RPing with them, because they are wonderful. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward
    (About 4 weeks 2 days ago)