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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: August 22

Fast update
I will be ending the following rps Meeting Elton, A suprises visitor, Meeting new friends, enemies, maybe even more, let's play cat and mouse, and something in the woods.
So there will now be seven open spots for new rps. I will also accept 3 PM rps and 4 forum rps.

About myself
Quack quack I'm socially awkward. I used to Rp a lot on Tumblr but after a while I fell out of it but thanks to my friend who basically help me find this place. Hopefully I'm not as rusty as I think I am. Fyi I'm dyslexia so I might take a while to reply because I'm re reading and spell checking myself.

I have been enjoying my time here on this site. I hope to continue meeting new people and rp-ing with them. Currently I have four original characters and two establish characters (Sunburst & Harry Hook). I was thinking about adding two more ocs. I will try to at least post an opening every other week for up to three characters.

I'm getting married next month! That's right a spooky scary skeleton wedding. On Oct 26 through the Nov 3 I will be at my wedding and honeymoon. I'll see you back on the Nov 4.

I will also be publishing Halloween theme rps for all of my ocs next month.
First week: Elton, Angie, and Lydia.
Second week: Alice, Professor Luka and Luka Drake.

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