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Yo! I’m Mernaga, but you can also call me Mer, Cinna, or Cin (she/they). I’m transfeminine/genderfae and all kinds of other things you could call me 🫠

I'm open to pretty much any kind of RP! If any of my characters interest you, shoot me a PM! All my characters are flexible and can be adjusted to fit pretty much any character, setting, or time.

My only real rule when I RP with someone: I'm totally cool with one-liners if you like writing that way, but please respond with a little bit more than just something like 'He laughed.' or “No problem.” Replies that short can be REALLY hard to play off of sometimes. It's always better to spice it up just a tiny bit, like 'He laughed, shaking his head a bit in disbelief.' or '“No problem.” He assured his companion as he dusted himself off.'
It's totally an insecurity on my part, but incredibly short responses like that get me worried that my partner's not enjoying our RP 😥

(Caveat: the only themes I'm not really into are intense horror and gore. Also, while I am totally okay with sexual themes, I don't really like RPs that are exclusively sexual. I always want story and character development.)

If you prefer RPing off-site, my discord is Cinna#1610

Looking forward to RPing with you all!

Note: None of the images in my character profiles are owned by me, and all credit goes to the original artists!

Rave Reviews

A pretty creative guy and a cool roleplayer. Very short and straight to the point paragraphs. Kudos to you. - Starfish78
Mernaga was the first person I ever RPed with on this site, and it was a wonderful introduction! Pleasant to interact with and with a variety of diverse characters, he is a great person for an exciting and detailed (but laid-back) RP! - Fruitloop999

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