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This dude, you GOT to be RPing with him at least one time in your life. Why? Lemme tell ya:

-He's a Monkey, Cyborg and a Ninja.
-He types awesome replies that are NOT short.
-His characters are just.. epic.
-Monkey IS epic.

Now i'll tell ya, you cant refuse to RP with that! :D - Blu_Dino
NO KUDOS!? *le grabs hammer and chisel* let me engrave how great you are on this perfectly smooth kudos wall with my terrible phone's autocorrect!

Firstly, you the bomb bro, your replies are descriptive and you seem to have a good idea of what you want your character to do in each specific post.

Secondly you're my RP partner... There's no other real reason why yo need a kudos! - DontBeTrippin

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