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RP's at the moment: 5
Accepting new rp's: Yes. Pm me!

My Timezone: GMT+1
All these times are in my timezone. You can use This Link to find out what these times are for you

Monday-thursday: 05.00/07.00 - 13.30/15.30
Friday: 5.00/7.00 - 11.00/12.00

Thursday: 2-3 hours after work.

Monday-Friday: 21.00-05.00
Saturday, Sunday and Holiday: 22.00/23.00 - 08.00/09.00

I've been roleplaying for the past 14 years. I started out roleplaying in Danish, because it is my first language, but when the site I was roleplaying on, closed down, I needed to find somewhere else. The first years, I roleplayed with my close friends in other places, but then I found this site and convinced myself to try out roleplaying in english also.
It is hard work for my brain, but I kinda like it, because it really helps with improving my english. With that said, I might do some misspellings, and I might not know a lot of fancy words, but, you only learn things by trying xDD

On a personal note I've been taking a few hiatuses from rp's as I sadly developed depression and my motivation and creativity got lost in that progress. I'm now in a better place with my mental health but there can come times where my head gets overwhelmed and it's not always that I get to inform my rp partners, but I will try my best when it happens. Just know that I'm not ghosting anyone or not trying to at least.


Genres I like
    - Romance
    - Fantasy
    - Drama (I'm a sucker for drama, I must admit)
    - Modern
    - Historical/medieval

    - The Vampire Diaries saga
    - Fast and furious
    - Pirates of the Caribbean
    - Step Up
    - Grand Army
    - Game of Thrones
    - House of Dragons
    - Vikings
    - Shadowhunters



Rave Reviews

I met Mouuzie through a mutual friend here on RPR. I may have missed her otherwise because she only does 1st person and I’m glad we were introduced. We brainstormed a story together and it’s working out great. Great person, great writer. Do yourself a favor and pick Mouuzie as your next RP partner. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - TarnishedHalo
I felt like doing this, so here it comes! Mouuzie is my best friend and has been for the past 10 years! We've been RP'ing together for about that long as well, and she's always full of action and ideas. She really puts a lot of work into her characters and the RP itself. Besides that, she's an amazing person who i'm glad to have in my life <3 She's always been there for me no matter what, and i hope to have many more great memories with her onward in my life! <3 Write her and see for yourself! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Milsen

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    This guy is the most amazing person, both OOC and IC. I always look forward to his posts and I'm having so much fun with creating ideas for our rp with him! He is a great writer and his characters are awesome! You wont regret doing a rp with this guy! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 3 weeks 2 days ago)
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