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Hello! I am trying to get back to role playing after a pretty long hiatus. I prefer Island, Post apocalyptic or horror survival RP but have done pretty much any kind you can think of from Supes (marvel etc.), Walking dead, teen drama and even Twilight (mainly for a friend but it was...interesting). I mostly work in 3-4 paras or more but I'm adjustable to my fellow players. I play military types, survivalist and skater/surfer types in dramas best but I'll give anything a try.

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This guy is the most amazing person, both OOC and IC. I always look forward to his posts and I'm having so much fun with creating ideas for our rp with him! He is a great writer and his characters are awesome! You wont regret doing a rp with this guy! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Mouuzie
Okay how do I even start? I love his RP style and his characters are just so interesting. I love seeing a reply from him roll in because his replies are just so nice and fun to read. I'm really glad I met this guy, and I highly admire and suggest him as a writer <3 Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Lia_Ray

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