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I've been roleplaying on avatar forums since 2009 after a history of passing/throwing notebooks full of rp in the halls of my high school. Being on a forum devoted to only rp has been wonderful so far and I'm so glad to meet all ya'll who care about rp so much!

I got my degree in studio arts with a minor in creative writing. I currently work at Starbucks while trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. Me and my best friend, my first rp partner, just bought a house and one day we'd like to publish some of the wonderful stories we've written together! As of right now, we have two adult cats and two kittens. Keeping track of them is a lot!

Asexual/Aromantic/Gender mysterious~~
(No, seriously. I'm kinda curious how you guys perceive me without any bias. Call it a social experiment :3 Use any pronoun you like!)


Playstyle: 1-4 paragraph, casual or advanced, long term, 1x1 or group, no dice, limited combat
OOC?: I enjoy it but it's not required unless I'm running a group. Some absolutely wonderful things have happened in rps--brilliant, natural plot twists erupting from being in tune with my partner without plotting beforehand. We don't need to be BFF's. I'd kinda love some friends though?
Genres: LGBTQ+ romance, mainly M/M, modern setting, fairytales, mythology, angst, urban fantasy, high fantasy, slice of life, adventure quest, beautifully intricate plots, trash anime/fanfic tropes...we got it all here
Fandoms: Attack on Titan, One Piece, Hetalia (god, it's been a while though), & Kpop...all the kpop


Also, for more characters and worlds of mine, take a look at << my website >>. At the moment, I don't have a lot here and will probably continue to use my website as my main place for profiles. Most of my characters under Roleplay are available at least to some degree. Just give it an ask~

Rave Reviews

I have only been rping with this person for a short while, but I can with confidence say that I am thoroughly enjoying my rp with them! They make it easy to reply and they make each reply fun to read. I hope you will give this person a chance. You won't regret it. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Aggy1231
He always picks up on directional cues allowing the RP to really flow and move forward. When I see a reply it brings me a bit of joy everyday! - Clumsylemon

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