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everything happens for a reason.


the venus to my mercy <3333
skomand forevigt <333

Rave Reviews

Julie is absolutely adorable. She's so easy to talk to and you can talk about everything... literally everything. Sometimes I catch myself actually laughing at our conversations simply because they're hilarious and so random. I always feel so comfortable in her company. Also her love for Harry Styles is amazing. One Direction for life lmao (I love some good 1D memes from 2010 HAHAHAH quality trash). Our shipnames deserves an Oscar ((; She's the Fernando to my Geo and always will be <333 - amalieduve
My ice tea buddy forever. Trust me, you don't wanna know, how many conversations about ice tea we've had! Julie is an amazing and funny girl, who I love to chat with, even when our chat isn't that interesting or deep. She's an incredible roleplayer, and I love her characters. Send her a message, you won't be disappointed, I can assure you this ♡ - icetea

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