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the venus to my mercy <3333
skomand forevigt <333

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So this girl is amazing and really sweet. You can really talk to her about anything and nothing. I don't know why she loves the pot haircut, but she does and that's okay. I could say a lot of nice and not at least funny things about this girl, but you should all write her, because she's an awesome role-player and her characters? Well, there are epic. Lots of love to her! #Wearesofunny - Mariie
Do you what sweetheart you deserve a longer one that you got <3 one were anyone can understand what was said in a nice way <3 Muffe you are seriously one of the nicest girls i've met and we haven't talked for that long. You are one pleasant joy to roleplay with <3 you always seem to put a smile on my face, and actually take my really bad jokes with a smile <3 i can't wait to have more fun times with you and end up having more connections between our characters and between our selves <3 - Heartbeat_

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