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it won't be easy, but it will be worth it

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Julie, my darling! You're one hella creative and fun girl! You put so much freaking effort into everything you do. You're one of the most talented roleplayers I know. Your characters are so awesome and I simply love them all! You're not only fantastic at roleplaying. You're also a good friend and very supportive. You're there when I need you. I'm so happy to be a friend of yours! ♡

- Ruddie - Rudolf
this girl is so damn creative and an amazing roleplayer honestly. she deserves the world and for everyone to always be kind to her. she's a cutie pie. if you're every looking for a good roleplay, you should message her, because she's so good at ideas! or if you just need someone who's easy to talk to, she's the girl as well. an amazing girl, who's so worthy and sweet! - airaa

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