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Vanse, Svanse, where to begin? You and I just bonded as soon and I started in this site. You where there to give me an amazing start in here and you learned me anything I needed to know, which I adore extremely. This girl is amazing and her characters we unique in all the ways. I love being friends with her and role play with her, because you are never bored. A bit dirtyminded she can be, but she is just funny and amazing to be friends with. <3 <3 - NedeMette
Vanse is one of the most dedicated and creative roleplayers you will ever come across <3 She pours her heart into every character that she makes, and every roleplay that she participates in. The amount of nights we've had talking about characters and roleplays and everything in between is endless, and I wouldn't have it any other way <3 So if you need a good roleplay and good roleplaying partner, hit her heart - because she is the best there is <3 - snifx

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