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Greetings! Salutations! Halló!

I figured I should finally get around to doing a proper page introduction.

I go by Nerscylliac! (Or nerscy is fine), I live in Australia (GMT +10), I work full time and am studying psychology. I've been role playing for about 8 years now, through many styles, themes and settings. I stick almost solely to OC characters/themes, as the thing that I love the most about rp is coming up with new ideas, new characters and settings.

My interests tend to revolve around fantasy/magic, but any time period is generally fine with me. I prefer character, story driven plots (as opposed to combat-focused plots), and my strongest aspect I feel is world design. I'm not opposed to anything R18, and I love dark, gritty, oppressing worlds (e.g warhammer). My favourite types of settings are ones where sci-fi and magic intertwine to create societies built around both.

I am a med-adv literate writer, typically multiple paragraph, though my adhd sometimes gets in the way, which can sometimes affect the quality. I'm not opposed to writing any gender of character, and I mostly reply on my phone, so I'm sorry if I ever have weird, autocorrect issues in my replies!

I'm open to anyone to message me, so please, don't be afraid to flick me a message!

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