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Hi. I'm Harry. I'm 21 and looking for RP.

I am a professional DM of Dungeons and dragons. I have 13 years of RP experience and 8 of D&D experience. Want to know more about me or my characters? Ask me.

I keep it classy; no sexual or romantic RP.

RP I like:

Sci-Fi Themes
Fantasy Themes
Alternate History Themes
Spec Ops Themes
Western Themes
Any Mishmash of the Above
Call of Cthulhu

Rave Reviews

The clever devil. The Moriarty to Adams' Sherlock. The perfection of pouding, destroying and burning the imperfection out of the city, by any means necessary. The darker side of Adam that shines through. It's no wonder Jean wishes Adam to be his heir. Because they both know he'd be a perfect fit. But will he become it? Will he succeed in doing so? It excites me to watch it play out. - Michonne
What to say about the man? Other then that his posts are always incredible. Writing skill that keeps you hanging on desperately for the next chapter. I know him personally OOC as well, and I couldn't be more happy to know I'm not the only Autism person here, and that despite our autism, we get along just fine! He excels whatever role you desire him to play, and adapts to it like glue until you quit him. But why in the world would you WANT to quit him!? He's loyal and consistent. - Michonne

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