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Hello, my name is *classified* but you can call me Pastel or Galaxy, whichever suits your fancy.

I'm 19 years old and of course I love to RP with my favorite genre being romance. Of course I'm more than willing to try anything else out but just be warned, I probably won't be very good at it XD

I almost always have my phone on me and I check in a lot so you may get a quick response. I only log out occasionally so if it says I'm online I probably am unless it's later at night (Eastern time) .

Now time for some fun facts!
  • I am the oldest child out of all my siblings. I have a 3 sisters and 3 brothers.
  • We have lots of pets. I have a horse, six goats, five dogs, five gerbils, three fish, eight rabbits, one cat, one duck, and about fifteen chickens.
  • I love all types of music with my favorites being country and classic rock.
  • I love, love, love American Horror Story, Ghost Adventures and Stranger Things.
  • I do have anxiety so more than likely if I'm not feeling an RP anymore I will ghost. I hate doing it and feel super bad afterwards but it stresses me out too much to think about telling you I don't want to continue. Trust me when I say it's nothing personal.
  • I'm really not offended by anything.
  • Horses are my favorite animal and I like to think I have quite a bit of knowledge on the subject.
  • My hobbies include drawing, reading, hunting, fishing, RPing(duh), music and history just to name a few.
  • I am very intrigued with the holocaust and WW2 in general.

As for rping I like to think that I'm very chill and don't have many limits.
Will RP
  • Sexual scenes. I don't generally fade to black but I'm not opposed to it as I'm more concerned about your comfort than my own.
  • Violence. Some rps may call for violence to fit with character personalities and what not.
  • Mature themes which include drugs and alcohol. Mature language is also used by many of my characters.
  • MxF, FxF, and MxM romances with MxF being the one that I'm most familiar and experienced in.
  • Paragraphs. The more info I have to go off of the better the response will be.

Won't RP
  • Sexual scenes which include bodily fluids or weird fetishes. Most things I'm willing to try once so if you're unsure don't be afraid to ask!
  • Character death.
  • With minors. I just don't feel comfortable with it being that I'm legally an adult here in the US and I do not want to risk anything for myself or my partner since most of my RPs do contain 18+ themes.
  • One liners. There isn't enough for me to type a good reply on.
  • With furries, anthros, or inhuman characters. Nothing against those types but they're just not for me. Humans with powers are fine.

I do like to delete characters so I have room for new ones if my current ones aren't active. No sense in using up character slots if that particular character isn't being used right? As long as they're active they'll be here.

If you ever want to get ahold of me for any reason, whether it's just to chat or inquire about an RP, go ahead and shoot me a message! If I like your idea or whatever there's very little chance I'll say no.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to say hi!

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Let me just say that this girl... Ohhhhh my gosh this girl! She is amazing! Super patient, and very quick to reply or answer your questions! She is super open to almost everything and that’s part of everything I love about her! PastelGalaxy, keep being awesome!!! <3 - JacksonHallow87
Me and her have so much in common and I already love her! (As a friend) she's kind and I can already tell she cares about the people around her. She's knew and I totally suggest you talk to her because she simply ROCKS! <3 :) - StarHope

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